6 Job Search Mistakes to Avoid

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Typically job seeker goes online to search jobs available in their field. 

The biggest mistake the people do is they rely on the one source. In the competitive world, the job seekers are flooded in the industry. Every industry has too many job seekers. Especially low-level jobs.

Every year new pass-out student applies for the jobs in the companies. The new wave joins the industry each year. In this crowded place, your resume fades in time. Your resume might not reach the company in the short time.

The better solution is using all the resource available to reach the employers.

Here are some of the mistakes job seeker do while searching the job online.

1. Relying on one platform

When you are searching for the job you can’t rely on one source. Most of the time your resume don’t reach the companies. Submitting resumes on job portals like Naukri, indeed,Monster or Aasaanjobs is not enough. You have to find other sources to get most reach to your resume.

The recruitment agencies, individual consultant, companies who post their requirement on the LinkedIn are some of the recruitment sources where you can submit your resume.

The fastest way to get a job is to do as much as spreading of your resume. Reach right people and share your resume with them.

Informing relative is also a great way to create a buzz in your network. People will recommend you when they see there is an opportunity that fits your qualification. The recommendation still works best in the industry.

2.  Too much information in your resume

Never add too many information in your resume. The details should be crisp and clear. Never try to overdose the employee with additional information.

The hiring company wants to know your qualification and the expertise. They don’t care what you are doing in your personal life or the information which is not relevant to your applied position.

Add important information to the resume. It should tell your expertise and ability to work in the organizational structure.

Your qualification plays a big role in the selection process. If you have any details about your achievement then put those details on the resume. Mention what you have achieved in your career.

Here are some Effective methods to make a good Career Plan. Apply this in your career progression plan and become successful in life.

The expertise plus achievement makes the selection process smooth. Companies are looking for people who are capable of handling work pressure and have experience plus expertise in the field.

3. Your resume does not match your skills

When you are drafting your resume you have to add all the relevant data in the resume. The complete resume should look suitable for the position you are applying for.

Remove all unwanted data which is not justifying your qualification. Your employee are interested knowing information about your field. They will be judging your ability on the basis of your past experience that you have in the field.

Focus on placing data which is essential to get you hired for the position. You will get only one chance to apply to big companies. Many top companies have the rule where they don’t call the candidate who has applied for the job recently. The publicly traded company keep the duration of 1 year. You are only allowed to apply for the position after one year. So you have to make sure you are providing your best resume to the employer.

5. Bragging too much about your skills

The fresher job seeker generally does this mistake. When they are in the interview room in front of the HR or senior person of the company they start bragging about their expertise and work they can do.

Having motivation is good thing but you should be answering professionally in the interview round. Your voice tone should be moderated. Keep eye on eye contact and answer the question confidently without any hesitation.

If you don’t know the answer tell them that you have never read about that. It is OK to not answer all the questions. No one is perfect in this world so it is OK to say “I don’t know the answer” when the question is hard.

If you are not sure how your voice tone sounds then do mock-up interview round with your friends. Ask them to take your interview. It will give you feeling how your interview will go in front of the interviewer. Also, you will get a chance to prepare yourself for the interview.

5.  Saying negative things about anything in the interview

Always keep a positive tone in your voice. Generally, the candidate says negative things about the previous company or the experience that they had with an employer. Sharing bad experience is the human nature so try to avoid it in the interview.

Negative vibes create a negative environment. so it is better you prepare yourself for answering the question positively. There will be such questions whose answers should be negative but you can train yourself to make them politically correct.

No need to share the negative experience with the company where you want to join. Some companies don’t like people who are negative in nature. They want people who understand the business nature and fit themselves in the environment.

6. Incompetence on given skill-sets

If you are not technically prepared for the interview then chances are you will give the incorrect answer to certain questions. The best way to avoid this is to prepare yourself for all kind of questions.

The interview for the top level job goes through the highly technical round. The employer will ask many questions before hiring you. If you are not prepared for the rapid fire round then you will lose the opportunity. High salary jobs are the culprit of this situation.

Employers want to hire top-level people who have sound knowledge of the field and industry. He should have the ability to solve all kind of problem. So they keep the interview round rough to select the best candidate for the position.


Your selection depends on the qualification and how you manage yourself in the interview.

The interviewer will ignore your small mistakes like not answering all the questions, but if you are not prepared on paper then it will be a bad experience for them. That’s why you should focus on above points before you go for the interview.

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