Are you good with your hands? Are you looking to transition into a career where you can put your talents to good use and work with your hands all day every day?

​Here are some interesting career options for you to consider:

1. Carpentry

If you are really good with your hands and you’re able to create beautiful pieces of furniture, or even doors and roofs, with your hands, then being a carpenter could be the career move you’ve been looking for all along.

You do not need to have any formal qualifications to become a carpenter, but you will need to learn the trade, and that means either learning on the job or via an apprenticeship in most cases, although some carpenters are completely self-taught.

​The average pay for a carpenter in the USA is around $42,000, but the sheer amount of satisfaction you’ll gain from making something beautiful with your own two hands is much more important than that!

2. Artist

If you’re good with your hands and you’re a creative thinker, then becoming an artist is an obvious choice, but it isn’t one you should take lightly because it can be very difficult to make a living as an artist.

​Still, if it’s your dream, you might regret not taking the plunge and giving it a try. What’s the worst that can happen?

3. Casino Dealer

What does this have to do with being good with your hands? I can hear you thinking.

​Well, when you think about what a blackjack dealer does, it’s obvious. As a casino dealer, you have to very quickly and accurately deal cards or chips, and having good manual dexterity will certainly help you with this.

​If you’re looking for a job that involves using your hands, and your brain (mental calculations) and you want to work in a place that has a buzz about it, it’s certainly a career worth considering.

​Compensation is low at $20,040 on average, but the tips can be huge!

4. Contracting

If you’re good with your hands, a career in contracting could be for you. The great thing about contracting is that there is a lot of variety in the work you can do.

​From roofing jobs to landscape gardening, wherever your talents, and your interest lie, there is money to be made. You just have to work out where your skills would be put to best use.

Contractor pay can vary significantly depending on role and position, but on average, contractors in this country make $97,000 annually.

5. Chef

Good with your hands? Enjoy cooking up delicious meals or baked goods? A career as a chef or baker could be on the horizon for you.

​ The great thing about working in the food industry is that, not only do you get to work very hands on, but you can be extremely creative, coming up with new dishes and decorating cakes in interesting new ways, too.

If you’re wondering about the salary, chef’s make more than bakers on average, with each earning $41,500 and $25,00 per year on average, respectively.

6. A Stylist

Being a stylist, whether you’re cutting people’s hair or doing makeup, requires a certain level of manual dexterity and the kind of artistic flair that people who are good with their hands tend to have.

​Again, a career as a stylist allows you to get hands on and be very creative, which makes it a good choice for artistic types who also like people and who desire a steady income.

​As a stylist, you can expect to earn around $24,000 per year, but remember that doesn’t include tips!

7. Masseuse

You can’t get much more hands on than administering massage therapy to stressed out and injured individuals.

​So, if you have magic fingers and you’re willing to qualify as a massage therapist, which usually takes around 500 hours of study and hands-on experience to achieve, why not give it a go?

​Helping people with your hands can be a very rewarding career, and you could earn around $38,040 annually.

8. Interpreter for the Deaf

Okay, so this is a bit left-field, but interpreting for the deaf, certainly does require you to use your hands and there are few careers I can think of that would be more rewarding than helping deaf and non-deaf people communicate clearly with each other.

​The only downsides of such a position could be that roles are few and far between, and you will need a bachelor’s degree to apply for a position, but the salary isn’t bad at $44,190 on average, so it’s certainly worth considering.

Do you work with your hands? Which career have you chosen?

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