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Unless you were lucky enough to land a job where your main responsibility is to hug baby sloths, you probably want to prolong days to 34 hours just to manage your assignments. Due to technological advancements and social changes, working has evolved in such a way that our jobs have become an indelible part of our identities, so we spend as much of our lives developing our careers as much as we do with relationships.

That is why it is becoming increasingly important to learn how to not only survive, but also thrive in a chaotic jungle that is the modern workplace. While I’m yet to master manipulating space-time continuum, working with people worldwide has helped me adapt my behavior to be more successful, and these are some of the ways that are bound to boost your performance in a hectic environment and still allow you to enjoy the work that you do.

1. Manage Your Time

As simple as it may sound, allocating my time to the right people and the right tasks can get out of hand without careful planning. For me, it helps when I use a planner or a Google calendar to schedule events, along with reminders, so I can keep the appointments that matter.

Also, taking ten minutes before each work day to set my goals and ten minutes at the end to see what I’ve accomplished gives me a clear insight into how productive I really am. You can use this to adapt your routine and you’ll quickly start leaving out irrelevant distractions like social media during your prime time at work.

And to be honest, no matter what I do, I will likely end up doing some work at home, whether it’s just checking my emails or going over an important proposal for tomorrow’s presentation. But as soon as my work became demanding enough for me to have late Skype calls from home, checking the speed of internet providers near me was no longer just an option – it was a must.

Use the perks available in this day and age, there are so many apps and systems that can help you organize, it would be a shame not to find the ones that will work best for you.

How to Keep up in a Dynamic Workplace

2. Encourage Communication

Sometimes the conversations we neglect are the ones that can end up shaping the outcome of the entire day. A good rule of thumb is to listen at least as much as you speak, because more often than not, we sink into our own thoughts while the other person might be saying something pertinent to the problem at hand.

Transparent, to-the-point communication with my colleagues is what helped me create a strong working relationship with each and every one of them, turning us into a full-time team, even when we work on separate projects. Knowing you can rely on your teammates, delegating and exchanging ideas can make the difference between a frustrating conundrum and a creative, problem-solving collaboration.

3. Nurture Individuality

No matter how relevant it can be to fit into the larger network of people you work with and share the core beliefs of the company, it is equally crucial to maintain your identity that got you in that line of work in the first place.

This means that meeting deadlines, finishing tasks and being dedicated is just a fragment of what makes you a part of the organization. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many individuals that fit this description, but if they lacked their own drive, attitude and authentic expression, they wouldn’t have become irreplaceable.

Your job is a chance for you to grow, connect with people, learn and teach as much as it is your obligation. Limiting your personal perception of what you do to just one or the other will likely result in either your own, or the dissatisfaction of those who work with you.

So, when an opportunity arises, when most would worry, sulk or ruminate over the unfairness of life and the poor hand they were dealt that day, if your natural reaction is to keep a positive attitude, then nothing should stop you from doing so. Sharing your uplifting energy might actually mitigate the issue and present the problem as what it truly is: a challenge.

Wherever you go from here, you can start by assessing your expectations, defining your goals and allowing yourself to find the best arsenal of strategies to excel and enjoy your work, and the dynamic rhythm that it entails.

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Nate M. Vickery is a business consultant from Sydney, Australia. His fields of expertise are company management and efficient work environment through latest technology trends, as well as internet marketing. He is also an editor in chief at bizzmarkblog.com.

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