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“Should I opt for an online course or attend regular face-to-face classes?” I am sure most of you might have come across this confusion at least once before joining any course. Didn’t you? If yes, don’t worry, we are here to clear all your doubts and help you choose the best way out! 

Gone are the days when people used to lounge in huge classrooms and learn various courses. The internet era has brought a drastic change in the way people shop, work, connect, and study. Students started feeling more comfortable to take up online courses rather than choosing face-to-face classes. And, with amazing Udemy discounts and coupons, online learning has become extremely affordable. So, why not?

What Is Meant by Online Courses?

An online course is the delivery of a course lesson using a virtual channel as the source of communication. Unlike traditional courses, online learning is way more flexible and comfortable. All you need is a strong internet connection and there you go! However, it has a few similarities with non-virtual classes such as assignments, tests, and projects. Now, let us dive deep into this and know how online learning can be helpful to you in different ways. 

Top 10 Advantages of Online Courses 

Are you still not convinced with the perks online education provides? The below points will surely help you understand the need and benefits of online courses

1. Learn From Anywhere

The most exciting thing about online courses is that you can learn from anywhere. Just relax on your bean bag or lay back on your couch, the choice is yours! Online course helps you to choose your own comfort zone and study from any corner of the house. Isn’t it the best part of online learning? Hell yes!! Also, don’t forget to buy a cute pair of pajamas and say goodbye to your jeans. 

2. Flexible Learning 

There are a few online courses that allow you to register and learn any time you want. You can pause the lessons anywhere and continue it anytime you want. Not only this, the due dates of exams and assignment submission are also according to your schedule. With the help of online courses, you can easily manage your time for other things and learn whenever you are in the right mood to study.

3. More Choices 

The primary advantage of deciding to study online is you will have a plethora of options to choose from. Right from top international universities to the best of Indian colleges, you can select any course of your choice and avail world-class education right on your screen. It helps you not to compromise on your education and fulfill your dreams. Plus, if you want to explore more online learning & education options, you can always check out informative websites such as CareerMetis.

4. Review Classes 

It is no secret that you might lose focus during a long lecture. In such a scenario, online classes give you the opportunity to rewind the video and listen to the lecture again. You can also watch the entire class again in case you want to have a revision. The same is not possible in the case of traditional learning. To review lessons in traditional education, you need to approach the teachers personally. 

5. Ample Time to Think and Generate Ideas 

Attending classes in a classroom will require an instant generation of ideas and quick answers. On the other hand, learning online will give you enough time to think about an issue or formulate a thought by pausing the video. This will also help you to build confidence and understand the concept better. It will eventually increase your thinking capacities. 

young lady drinking coffee in front of laptop

6. Flexibility 

One of the benefits of online courses is its flexibility.. They will never make you compromise on your favorite pastimes and hobbies. By adopting online education, you can save a lot of time and work on improving other skills. If you are looking to learn more creative skills, you can make use of some fabulous skill learning courses. You can also use the time saved to play sports, spend time with your family, and hang out with your friends. Also, if you are a working individual, online learning is the best option wherein you can learn while you earn. 

7. Learn from the Best

Online learning helps you to learn the desired subject from the best teacher. For example, if you want to learn Spanish from a teacher in Spain, you can easily make use of online classes. If you want to learn a course from Harvard but cannot afford the time and money, you can make your dream come true by enrolling in an online course offered by Harvard. Perhaps, online education brings the best courses by the most experienced teachers from across the world. 

8. Less Cost 

Although a few cases available online may be very expensive, choosing online courses will also save you a lot of money. You can save a huge sum of money on travel, parking, lab fee, hostel feel, etc. The cost that you save by taking up an online course can be utilized somewhere else. 

9. Enhanced Virtual Communication 

The future is all about a virtual work environment. Online learning will ultimately improve your virtual communication skills, making you a better leader. You will know how to develop an effective bond by communicating virtually. You can also improve your texting and writing skills by communicating with fellow students and professors via texts and emails. 

10. Upgrade Your Technical Skills

Online learning will help you boost your technical skills which are a plus point for your professional career. You need to go through various course works, notes, and learning material online. These can be accessed using different apps, tools, and software. Getting to use various tools and apps will refine your technical skills and knowledge, thus offering you better job opportunities. 

Top Online Learning Platforms 

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Now that you are convinced why online learning is a boon to society, let us discuss the top online learning platforms. With the help of the below online learning platforms, you can choose any course you like and enjoy a unique learning experience. 

1. Udemy 

Launched in 2010, Udemy is an American learning platform aimed to provide quality education to students and working professionals. The company has more than 50 million students and 57,000 teachers taking classes in nearly 65 languages. The platform has more than 1,50,000 courses to choose from.

2. Coursera

Another top online learning platform is Coursera. It has a library of massive courses and provides various certificates and degrees to its users. Founded in the year 2012, it has 47 million users and around 4300 courses to choose from. The key advantage of this platform is that the courses are taught by experienced professors from prestigious universities like Yale, Stanford and Princeton. You can also enjoy a bunch of free courses on Coursera and upgrade your knowledge. 

3. Udacity 

Udacity reflects the true meaning of online learning. It is known for its nano degree programs which are based on skill and project-based learnings. The assignments and projects you submit as a part of your course at Udacity are assessed by top industry-level experts and leaders. Once you complete the courses available at Udacity, your career is sure to touch skies.

4. LinkedIn Learning 

This list would be incomplete without LinkedIn Learning. If you are a working professional looking to boost your skills, this platform is all you need! It has more than 1000 courses on topics like business management, digital marketing, and web development, etc. After the completion of the course, the platform provides a certificate that can be added to your LinkedIn profile. 

5. Skillshare

Skillshare is yet another huge online learning marketplace. With more than 4 million users and 24,000 courses, the platform is one of the leading online learning options available today. You can find lessons on any topic ranging from graphic design, art, music to courses on technical and high-end topics. 

Top Free Online Courses 2020

If you are wondering which course to take up to improve your skillset without spending much, we have got your sorted. The below-listed courses will benefit most professionals and elevate their knowledge. Also, these courses will not cost you a single penny! 

  • Udemy’s Marketing and Design courses.
  • Oxford Home Study’s Management course.
  • Facebook Blueprint’s Digital Marketing course.
  • Khan Academy’s courses for primary and high school students.
  • Shaw Academy’s online diploma courses.
  • Udacity’s tech skill courses.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Studying Online 

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Online courses are still a brand new concept for most of people. It might get a little difficult to cope up with the new trend and make full use of it. Online courses will take a little more effort to study religiously and maintain consistency. Are you planning to take up an online course for the first time? If yes, these points will help you to make your online learning experience an effective one.

  • Schedule a fixed time  Studying online can be very distracting. In order to get rid of the distractions, you need to set up an everyday fixed time on your calendar. This will help you be a regular learner and achieve great goals. 
  • Have a strong internet connection Not having a strong internet connection can cause a lot of buffering during online classes. This will gradually lead to losing interest in the subject. Having a strong internet or WiFi connection is a mandatory prerequisite if you are planning to adopt online learning. 
  • Set everyday goals To finish the online course on time, you need to be consistent enough. In order to complete all your assignments and projects, you need to set up everyday targets and strive to accomplish them. 
  • Note-taking The most significant part to keep in mind while studying online is note-taking. Taking down the important points will increase your interest in the subject and also help you to go through the key points whenever required. It will also strengthen your base of the subject. 
  • Maintain a dedicated space to study Believe it or not, the place where you sit and study plays a vital role. There is always a particular location or place that makes you more focused and active. Hence, studying in a dedicated and isolated space will benefit you in many ways. 
  • Indulge in group discussions If your online course has group discussions and live sessions, then don’t miss them at any cost. Indulging in group discussions and talking to several people will improve your communication skills and elevate your confidence. 
  • Clear doubts  Do not hesitate to ask doubts. Asking doubts about your instructors will solve all your problems and help you understand the subject better. You can take down all the questions you have and ask them in the special doubt sessions held after the completion of the course.  
  • Create a study plan The most crucial thing to do before starting an online course is to create a study plan. This can be done by making to-do lists and setting time limits. Learning according to the study plan will help you achieve all your targets and make online learning a fun concept.
  • Take short breaks  Learning without a break can be monotonous and boring. This can have an adverse impact on your learning. Giving some rest to the brain is as important as giving some rest to the body. Taking short breaks will keep your mind fresh and help you to study with full interest. 

Hope these tips are helpful to complete your online course in time. And, in case you are looking for some more motivation and hacks, you can go through these cool tips for a successful online course


Are you all set to sprawl over the sofa with your laptop on and eyes wide open to watch the online classes with utmost dedication? Didn’t you already start imagining this? If yes, don’t wait anymore and quickly choose the online course you want to enroll in. Learning new courses will uplift your skills and make you stand above your peers. It will give you sufficient time to document the classes, establish a vast global network, and prepare you for a globalized workforce. 

Hope the above-mentioned benefits of online courses helped you to take the right step by clearing all your doubts. Also, do let us know if you have any other queries revolving around online courses in the comments below. Happy learning! 🙂

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