How To Land Your First Job As A Digital MarketerDigital marketing came to light in the mid eighties, but it took off in the nineties and since then has revolutionized how companies, businesses and brands deal with the marketing of their products and services.

The use of digital marketing has broadened the scope of potential clientele for companies and businesses all over the world. They can now be on every home computer, television screen, laptop and mobile phone without having to worry too much about the cost of advertising their products and publicising their services.

Digital media also allows businesses and their consumers to engage on a common platform. Businesses can get feedback, suggestions and complaints much more easily and such interactions are extremely valuable in formulating a credible relationship between the two parties.

At the phenomenal rate that digital marketing is spreading, it is no surprise that the need for digital marketers is extremely high. Most companies, nowadays, depend upon the digital medium to cost effectively spread the word about their products and services and so with more demand than supply, there are plenty of jobs available.

However, a majority of the people find the large scope and magnitude of the field to be very daunting and fail to find employment. Therefore, here are a few tips that can make it easier for you to secure your first job as a digital marketer

1. Start out small

The one dreaded thing on every job advertisement is the clause, usually written in big bold letters: experience required. Sadly though, it is difficult to get any experience if you don’t have a job to begin with.

Being ahead of the curve isn’t just about getting a job at a leading firm or business, you can also get there by starting out small via content marketing or by starting your blog, social media marketing or helping a small client with online reputation management.

In fact, it’s best to start with smaller local businesses as their growth can be greatly attributed to good representation and will later help you evolve and take on greater and more challenging assignments.

You might not make a lot of money initially, but keep in mind that no endeavour goes wasted. Working on small projects will help you get a lay of the land and test the waters of the digital marketing world first hand. And by the time you are ready to apply for a well-paying job, you will have plenty to talk about and some great recommendations under your belt.

2. Hone your skills

Not everyone gets their dream job right off the bat. You may get stuck with something that you didn’t really want, but it is important for you to be flexible. This way you can improve the range of your skill set.

Start your own personal projects. Or, you could even enter various marketing contests online to polish your skills in the various disciplines of marketing such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, social media marketing (SMM) and email marketing. Embrace your failures and successes. 

Furthermore, the most valuable skill to have in this field is how well you can get people interested in your services. It’s all about how well you advertise your service and whether you can intrigue potential customers or not, to try out a product that they haven’t seen up close.

Digital marketing is very crowded and clustered. Thus, it gets difficult for the marketer to make their services stand out. However, it’s essential that you have the ability of making your product shine as that is what is needed to build an image and generate a presence. This could also be the deciding factor of how well a product is received and how well you have represented it.

You must enhance your skills through workshops, certificate courses and internships. Working for marketing agencies can also be very beneficial because you will have different tasks assigned, which can add a great deal to your marketing knowledge.

3. Know the workings of the web

Being a digital marketer, you don’t have to develop websites from scratch. However, it’s important to have basic knowledge of the workings of the web, HTML, graphic design and one or two programming languages. This will make it easier for you to be able to communicate your ideas and strategies to the specialists you will be working with.

4. Stay in the loop

Subscribe to industry blogs and follow marketing giants to know what major players like Google and Facebook are up to. Keep up with the advancements in the tech world and try to keep a handle on what’s new in the market. Moreover, you must stay up to date with the shifts in consumer behaviour and try to understand the reasons behind new changes in the field.

5. Market yourself

Similar to presenting a product in an enticing manner, it is important to maintain an image of yourself and the best way of going about it is via your online profile.

Create your own blog, set up a stellar LinkedIn profile, make a Facebook page or tweet out your digital marketing expertise – the bottom line is to brand yourself and make your presence felt. These techniques will also make it easier for recruiters to find you.

6. Learn from others

Perhaps, something that should be appreciated just as much as your own experience is the experience of others. Getting advice and help form those who have more experience than you is always a good idea. There is so much they could offer that only comes with years of experience in a particular field or job. Not to mention, this strategy could save you a decade of work by putting you in the right direction.

7. Ask questions

Never hesitate to ask – the interviewer or recruiter – questions about the job, company, product or services. This shows your level of interest in the opportunity. However, try not to be patronizing because as the digital marketing industry is expanding and growing, the screening process for employees is becoming pretty strenuous and recruiters are quite adept at judging potential employees.

Being forthcoming with the companies and interviewers and making a good impression counts. This way, the employers readily offer you jobs and even if they don’t have any openings, they could always refer you to others or give you another opportunity if something opens up.

Good luck!

Hopefully this article gave you a fair idea about how to venture into the world of digital marketing and helped you understand that good marketing depends on how up to date your information is. If you don’t land the job you want the first time – always try again!

Remember, persistence and patience are the key ingredients of success.

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