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Follow the Latest Medical Resume Trends of 2017

Working in the medical field is a great career choice and has grown in popularity in the past few years. We are seeing more specialists and nurses coming up and it’s refreshing.

After completing your studies, you might find yourself looking for a job. With the popularity in this field, many graduates find themselves having to apply a few times to be finally be employed. There may be a reason why some are not finding employment as soon as they would have hoped.

It is important to be aware of all the latest resume trends in the medical field if you want to stand a better chance of being a successful candidate. There are many websites who offer online help with resumes and application letters.

Follow the Latest Medical Resume Trends of 2017

With that being said, there are many good service providers out there if you do not want to do it yourself. . Here are the latest trends you have to include in your resume.


Hospitals and private practises are looking for individuals with leadership skills and thus it is important for you to display your leadership skills in your resume. Mention any area where you were required to lead a group or a project. You may not be aiming to be the next CEO, but you can be posted in a leadership role. This is not just beneficial to you, but also for the hospital you are applying at.


Show that you can take your own initiative and also display a forward thinking approach. A lot of new aged thinking can be beneficial for the medical field as it is constantly trying to improve. If you want to be seen as a serious contender, I suggest that you find a way to show that you are exactly what the modern medical field needs. It is not as difficult as one would assume. Show some on your finding on research you did and that should show the board that you are serious about the field.

Results Driven

This is definitely one of the main thing the board will look at when going through your resume. Many individuals sit down with a professional to get their message communicated properly. If you know a good nursing resume service, you should definitely ask for help. This does not only apply to nurses, but a nurse resume service is usually the most popular resume writing services online. Perhaps you are results driven, but you do not know how to put it in words. By scoring high in your tests, will be a great way to communicate this message on your resume.


We all are familiar with keywords being used in blog posts and articles, but it has become very popular in resume writing. Many recruiters have programs that will scan for specific keywords before they ever set eye on your resume. You want to make sure your resume has as many keywords in it to catch their attention.

Follow the Latest Medical Resume Trends of 2017

Look at the post advertisement as a start and then move on to any website of the hospital or practice. You should find your main keywords there. Even if recruiters do not use scanning devices, they would usually go through your resume looking for specific words to make a connection to the available post.


Make sure your resume does not resemble an art project. I see this mistake all the time and it is important to present a professional and organized individual. This is vital, as anyone working in the medical field has to express this characteristics. Being professional should not only be represented in your resume, but also when you start working. Professional people seems to grow faster in their careers and with good reason. Be someone who can be trusted and a person who does their best in any given task.


Even though we like to stay with the way things were back in the day, we have to move on with the times and that includes trends. Recruiters are trying to place individuals more accurately these days and this comes with some changes we have to adhere to. The changes may not seem minuscule to some, but it actually is. All of these new trends are beneficial to the employee and the employer. You do not want to be placed in a job where you cannot thrive.

Trust the process and you will find the right job soon. Sometimes a little patience can go a long way. Make sure you will be happy to work in an environment before you apply. It’s not just about getting a job, but it is about being happy to spend a bulk of your day at your job.

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Margaret Olson is a content manager and guest post writer. She also specialized at rn resume help and career consulting. Her passion is travelling, yoga and music. Margaret believes that a goal without a plan is just a wish.

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