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How to Launch and Build the Foundation for Your Freelance Career?

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Freelancing careers are one of the quickest ways to earn an income and also one of the most convenient. It can provide experience and salary on a field you like, or something related to your hobbies.

Simply, freelancing careers are fun and at the same time, rewarding. But remember, it’s not always rosy, competition also exists in the freelancing world and that means doing your best on the job is a must.

Sometimes job dealings could be so underwhelming and could rely on luck, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue freelancing because the majority of doing this is winning and gaining.

And in order to shift your career as an extra-time freelancer up to full-time freelancer, you must first have the willingness and devotion on the path you want to take. Have commitment towards what you do.

Another possible and can be a better way of earning in freelance is setting up an online business. People build and create different online business ideas that have that potential to revolutionize the whole industry gaining greater profit gain than they could imagine.

Creating website content and advertising platforms are examples of these online business ideas. There are much more possible ideas you can come up with so you won’t feel left behind or inadequate in any way.

In this article, you will be guided to understand how to launch your full-time freelancing career and what you will be needing to be successful in doing so.

1) Commit to your vision

The first rule on getting started is removing the negative thoughts and hindrances that constantly bug your mind. You have to overcome the mental hurdle that is telling you, “You can’t do it and you won’t do it”.

In order to overcome that thought, you have to realize and show yourself that freelancing can be a reality, and it is not just a whim, but a business plan that will benefit you long-term.

Commitment is the number one attitude that you must have in order to make your freelancing plan a reality. And the next thing you need here is a business plan. A business plan will help you organize and think ahead.

2) Build your personal brand

Branding is the perfect form of advertising you can possibly have as it can make a certain person or company iconic, like the infamous curved check of Nike, and the apple logo of Apple. These serve as symbols of the giant companies that represent themselves with or without words.

Like those companies, it is important to establish your brand in order to attract more clients. That also means that creating a logo to represent your business must be on your list.

Also, building your own brand enables you to establish your presence on social media sites. By doing so, your services will be more open and accessible to clients than before.

3) Analyze your potential clients and prepare documents

Before you can start reaching out to your clients, you need to have the essential business documents. This enables you to be composed and confident in replying back to your potential clients.

If you do this, your job at gathering clients and opportunities will be much easier since your clients will be also confident in transacting with you.

One of the important things to consider is a portfolio as it would display what are your capabilities and how many long have you been doing such tasks which show experience.

Another thing is creating a generalized freelance contact and invoice information which will be needed at the start and end of every project.

Briefings for client projects are needed as well and to develop a briefing program for the client, you have to consider everything you’ll need to know from the client in order to begin a project. You can simply list these questions in an email, send a text document, or direct the client to an online form.

Have this plus your business documents ready to go before reaching out to clients in order to make your life easier at handling multiple clients.

Speaking of multiple clients, compiling a list of potential clients that you’d like to work with or currently working with could benefit as you’ll be using this list to reach out, introduce yourself, and to inquire about freelance work.

4) Find your first client

Now that you’re all set with your established brand, essential documents, work process, and compiled list of clients, it’s the appropriate time to put it all to use.

Try to start by getting 5 to 10 potential clients from your list, reach them using their email or phone and be sure that you are contacting someone within the business directly.

Start introducing yourself and find what they are lacking then promote your social media sites in order for them to easily recognize you and what you can do for them. Inform them about your services.

Creating content is another way to promote yourself to clients. Activities like blogging and updating your content are one of the best-proven methods of generating traffic for your website.

Either build a blog on your own or a guest post on an established blog with a bigger audience that you’d like to draw back to your website will be effective. And this process should be done continuously in order for your business to flourish and earn more opportunities.

5) Continue to grow and stabilize your foundation

 By doing all of those listed above, you should be able to circulate workloads and projects efficiently while gathering new clients to work with.

Along with those, you also should have the foundation of your freelance business in place such as:

  • Understanding freelance business in detail
  • Goals should be set to work towards
  • Branding that you perceive that your business currently has
  • An online presence with the best works that you made on display
  • Easy approachability and able to accept work from clients
  • And finally, ready to share and get the word out about your freelance business

But growing from here is up to you as your own decisions will carve the path of your future in the freelancing business. Diversify, adapt to the current nature of the industry, and keep working hard in order to continue to grow and stabilize the foundation of what you currently have.

Continue to work with clients, build up your experience, turn your completed work into case studies so it can market its own for you, then consider the idea of side projects. There is no end or limits to what you can do in the future.

Those simple steps are the backbone of becoming a full-time freelancer. Take heed of those and you’ll see, you would be effortlessly juggling jobs and getting the best pay possible as a full-time freelancer.

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