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Since the web technology of WordPress has emerged in the world of web development, it is become super easy to understand the things related to development.

Earlier when it was really hard to even add a module on a website by writing hundreds of lines of code, WordPress technology has comparatively made it easy to customize our websites concerning our needs and desires.

Anyone with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, and design aesthetics could easily become a WordPress developer. The one with the mentioned skills should immediately start trying his/her career luck in the relevant industry.

Earlier people use to think whether they should have a website for their business or not but now most businesses believe that they should have a website. The world is transforming itself into digital by every passing day, and the things are also getting digitized rapidly.

That is why web development is one of those careers that could be considered as a long-term path to polish your skills and earn from the deep of this sea.

But, in 2018, you have to be the game-changer because still today many WordPress developers claim themselves to be the champs but in reality, they are not. And after reading this article from top to bottom, I am dead sure that you are going to be one of the game changers and an over-achiever in the WordPress development industry.

Because there are lots of free resources from which many of the developers from the current era are unaware. I am making you aware of the same free learning resources which can make you stand out in the crowd.

So without any wastage of time, we shall dive into the details of 15+ free learning resources you should know about to become a professional WordPress developer and start your career as a full-time web developer or even as a freelancer.

1. MakeWordPress Core 

The official blog of the development team of WordPress. Developers from WordPress blogs here officially and use to talk about the technicalities of WordPress.

Even bugs, examples, and programming problems are also discussed here. This blog is renowned for time-to-time and the latest updates are always shared and discussed here.

2. WordPress TV

This is the place from where you can get recorded videos from WordCamps held around the world.

WordCamps are the crash sessions organized by WordPress in which different experts of the similar industry are allowed to speak and interact with the audience and share the experiences. It is super easy to search for videos on any specific topic.

3. WP Beginner

If you are just taking off your career and considers yourself as a beginner, then WP Beginner is the place that is going to amplify your skills and learning.

It is also said that WP Beginner is the world’s largest but unofficial WordPress resource that is being updated regularly with amazing tutorials and how-tos. This free resource is surely going to be a pinch of salt for being a professional WordPress developer.

4. WordPress Codex

Codex is also known as the bible for WordPress developers because it contains solutions for almost all of the crucial WordPress coding problems.

Conventionally, every good developer has the practice to follow and utilize this resource effectively and efficiently.

5. Tuts+

This is another web place like WP Beginner but a little bit advanced. This website mainly discusses the most critical and complex programming problems related to WordPress.

Using Tuts+ you cannot just learn about implying the OOP (object-oriented programming) in WordPress but also going to learn about web application development as well.

6. Tom McFarlin

Tom is also the chief editor of Tuts+, but his blog is worth following as well. His blogs are mainly geared towards the most complex and unsolvable problems of programming in WordPress.

This is also another great and free resource if you are willing to take WordPress professionally and critically.

7. Smashing Magazine

It is counted as the very first web development and design blogs on the web. Although the frequency of the articles that lands on this website are limited up to one or two per month but whenever the team posts an article related to WordPress it always goes super hit.

8. WP Mayor

Another free resource to learn WordPress, the administrator blogs regularly in a very similar manner like WP Beginner does, but obviously, the topic of discussion is always different from other blogs.

The posts that are being published on this platform are usually of beginner and intermediate level, and if we say that WP Mayor is a blend of WP Beginner and Tuts+ then it is not so wrong.

9. Manage WP Blog

Manage WP Blog is yet another website that is being loaded regularly which features tips, tricks, how-tos, and reviews. This website is exclusively known for reviewing the third party applications for WordPress.

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10. Paulund

This blog is named after Paul Underwood who is professionally a developer and a blogger as well. This website is naturally operated by Paul himself.

Paul has an awesome collection of free WordPress learning resources in the form of tutorials, resources, code snippets, and other relevant usable on his website.

11. Pippins Plugins

Pippin William is the mind behind this amazing platform of free WordPress resources and plugins. Pippin himself has coded multiple plugins that are being used on WordPress websites regularly.

His blog mainly covers tutorials on advanced topics, reviews of plugins tools, and WordPress APIs.

12.  Otto

This blog focuses on advanced WordPress topics like making a custom controller for theme customizers.

Although this website is not updated regularly, but, the information that is posted on this website is worth reading and worth following for every WordPress developer out there.

13. Hongkiat

Hongkiat is a famous blog that has a huge visitorship from all around the web. The WordPress category of Hongkiat is always loaded with the updated and latest reviews, previews, tutorials, and how-tos.

For being an up-to-date WordPress developer, you have to follow this blog on a regularly.

14. Chris Lema

If you are looking forward to starting your career as a freelance WordPress web developer, then this is the spot to stop yourself from and start learning.

Chris is also a well-known WordPress developer but rather than posting about WordPress related topics Chris mainly focuses on enlightening you with the entrepreneurial potential as a developer. As there’s a testimonial on his website which states that “Chris Lema doesn’t sell himself, he sells you on yourself.”

15. WP Kube

A website that tends to focus more on topics that are of intermediate level. WP Kube is somehow similar to the WP Beginner, Tuts+, WP Mayor, etc.

16. Advanced WordPress

It is a Facebook group that consists of over 5000+ professional WordPress developers. Here, developers from all over the world interact with each other, discuss the issues in a problem-solving manner, and all the membered developers contribute concerning their skills and expertise.

This is not a place for beginners, but you can bookmark this for later or once you start having a grip on advanced WordPress topics.


At this point, you are surely aware of the bright side of being a WordPress developer, and after knowing about these free resources, it is not an impossibility that you couldn’t be an efficient WordPress developer.

In this article, I have briefed you about more than 15 free resources that you should know about if you are willing to start and take off your career in WordPress development professionally.

If you like this article, then don’t hesitate to go ahead and give a thumbs up and even consider it sharing with your friends who are still confused about selecting the career path.

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