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Freelancing jobs are now starting to gain the attention of most professionals. Since the dotcom boom, the gig economy has seen tremendous growth, penetrating industries left and right, while simultaneously creating new employment opportunities. 

Today, being a freelancer has many perks; it appeals to many people since it offers great flexibility. Like, you no longer have to wake up early to go to the office, avoid the rush hour traffic, and most of all, you can now work anytime you want. Very convenient, right?

Joining the freelancing industry is also an excellent way to start earning from your talents and hobbies. But before diving into the freelancing world and quitting your day job, it is also important for you to know the different freelance careers out there. 

Here are some of the freelance jobs for you to choose what might suit you best.

10 Creative Freelance Jobs

1. Social Media Consultant

Social media is the new way to get your business noticed by the public, especially if you launch a new product or service. Social media consultant is the eyes and ears for your business; they specialize in social media strategy and are an excellent problem-solver. 

They are creative and analytical, and also they are familiar with the online trends and how to incorporate these into your business. They utilize the different social media platforms, strategize by targeting and increasing traffic to your website, do social media audits, branding, and developing a new content plan.

Overall, social media consultant is responsible for improving and growing your business through social media platforms. The average rate for this job is around $50 to $75 per hour, and for beginners, it is about $25 – $40 per hour. 

Future Career Paths:

  • Social Media Strategist.
  • Market Research Analyst.
  • Brand Manager.

2. Social Video Marketing

These are marketing experts who develop social media marketing strategies. They create marketing videos to increase customer engagement with a brand. 

Social video marketer creates a variety of different multimedia content that must appeal to the targeted audience. The average hourly rate for this job is around $25.40 to $38, depending on how big the project is. 

Future Career Paths:

  • Digital or Multimedia Producer.
  • Internet Marketer.
  • Marketing Specialist.

3. Social Media Managers

Social media managers manage, schedule, report, and update their clients’ social media accounts.

Social media managers create and post content and carry out strategies to increase their clients’ social platforms’ engagements and followers. The average hourly rate for this job is about  $67, and for beginners, it is around $48. 

Future Career Paths:

  • Marketing Specialist/Social Media Consultant.
  • Digital marketing coordinator.
  • Data analysis and Market Researcher.

4. Graphic Designer

Like programmers and web developers, freelance work of graphic design has seen a spike as technology progressed, with more and more businesses looking to make a mark online. According to data by Glassdoor, freelance graphic designers are typically paid between $49,000 to $75,000 on an annual basis.

Before striking out in this profession, it’s essential to determine how you’re going to get paid. Some charge by the hour, others by projects, and a few have together packages to entice more commissions. 

A graphic designer makes a visual presentation that conveys messages to the public. Usually, these include web pages, magazine covers, advertisements, and other related marketing materials. 

Freelance Graphic Designers are in demand in many industries such as the public relations sector, advertising firms, government agencies, publishing houses, newspapers, and many more. You need to find the right balance for this as charging too low might attract cheap clients, while charging too steep might turn away potential business. The average hourly rate for a graphic artist ranges from $50 to $100.

Future Career Paths:

  • Creative/Art Director.
  • Multimedia Designer.
  • Desktop Publisher.

5. Logo Designer

A logo designer is in demand for those businesses that are just starting up and do not yet have an in-house designer. They are the ones responsible for the logo design for their client’s business. 

But some established businesses hire a freelance logo designer for their newly released products or services. Remember that companies spend a lot on developing and updating their logos to look more modern and innovative. So, do not take this freelance career lightly. 

Businesses use logos for marketing promotions, product packaging, and other print design. The average hourly rate for this job is around $25 to $35, or it could go higher depending on the project.

Future Career Paths:

  • Product Designer.
  • Brand Identity Designer.
  • Layout Artist.

6. Digital Illustrator

Digital illustrators vary in niches; some are into technical illustration, fashion illustration, medical illustration, education, and entertainment such as children’s storybooks and the likes. 

According to Thumbtack, the average cost of hiring a freelance illustrator is $200 per project. But this can also depend on revisions, the project’s difficulty, and the illustrator’s skill and reputation. Unestablished illustrators can make around $90 per project on the low end of the spectrum, while the top percentile can charge up to $400. Finding online gigs can be challenging, especially if you’re just starting.

You can look for clients on sites like Behance Jobs, Smashing Jobs, Dibble Jobs, 99Design, and Indeed. Try to build your network as you develop your career and always impress clients to become recurring projects. As an illustrator, you’ll typically handle projects like logo designs for brands, hand lettering, T-shirts, poster design, or commission work, depending on the client’s needs.

Future Career Paths:

  • Animator.
  • Forensic Artist.
  • Film Storyboarding. 

7. Voice Over Acting

Voice-over acting is gaining more popularity now. There are a lot of projects for voice-over acting. Aside from the usual radio shows and tv advertisements, voice-over actors are currently in demand for podcasts, Youtube videos, Spotify, audiobooks, and even video games. 

The pay maybe a little low during the first projects, but you could earn more as you go on and gain experience. The average hourly rate for this job is around $30-$40. 

Future Career Paths:

  • Radio DJ.
  • Emcee/Hosting.
  • Voice Over Acting Trainer.

8. Photography 

In this freelance career, the photographer and videographer are usually partners, or one individual can accomplish this career. Their main work is documenting private events such as weddings, debuts, and other social engagements. With the arrival of Facebook and Instagram, where people feel the need to share gorgeous photos of their milestones and life events, this demand has grown even stronger.

To go from fledgling to a master, you need to build on your portfolio and skills over time. You can’t expect to land big projects from the get-go. Photographers would usually develop their skills by covering family events. From there, you can look to expand your work and try to secure some wedding projects.

After that, try to build partnerships with your clients in your freelance career. Always impress your clients every time they consider you their go-to photographers, not to mention the referrals they’ll do on your part. Remember, word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools out there.

Ensure client engagement by adding them to your social media account and showcase your latest projects to show them you’re still active. Active means you’re in demand, and clients will jostle each other just to commission you for a job. Moreover, make sure to invest in gear that will last you for a long time, as this will be your bread and butter moving forward.

According to Salary.com, a freelance photographer would typically make between $32,000 to $46,000 annually. But that depends on several factors, including – but not limited to – skill level, nature of projects landed, and how much work the photographer is completing.

9. VideoGraphy

Videography is another freelancing gig that is pretty lucrative once you establish yourself as an expert in the field. Novice videographers can earn around $20,000 annually, while those who have been shooting for years can reach up to a whopping $230,000.

Depending on your skills, you can quickly breakthrough above the $20,000 level and push your yearly income to almost $60,000. So how do you get there and go beyond that figure?

Similar to photographers or any freelancing job for that matter you should start small. Don’t quit your day job if you still don’t have a few recurring clients. Also, save up money once you quit your job as projects won’t rain down on your head right away.  

Cover family events and ceremonies—volunteer for your friend’s projects. Create a portfolio of things you’re passionate about. Following this, you can transition to covering small gigs like a kid’s birthday party or baby shower.

Get in touch with small businesses in your area and ask if they need a videographer. Remember, don’t say you’re starting, and don’t charge too little. Both these factors will impact how your client views you, and it’s important to make a strong first impression.

Put your portfolio on a website and establish a social media presence. If you don’t have the funds to pay a web developer for a website, try to find someone willing to trade. You’ll cover for their project, and they’ll create the site for you.

Learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Premiere Elements, Final Cut Pro, and more. Follow popular bloggers online, see what the current trends are, and identify the next big thing to stay ahead of the competition.

Future Career Paths:

  • Shortfilm Director.
  • Cinematographer.
  • Film Editor.

10. Photojournalist

Photojournalists take pictures of real-life situations and incidents for journalistic purposes. They are experts in covering relevant events such as national elections, riots, international pageants, and other newsworthy events in photo format. 

Some publications require them to edit the pictures using color correction and other finishing touches for the photo to be ready for print. They also use high definition cameras, lenses, and other image-enhancing types of equipment.

They usually work for news agencies, news publications, magazines, and more. The average hourly rate for this freelance career is about $30.49, and maybe even higher depending on the photojournalist’s skills and experience. 

Future Career Paths:

  • Wildlife Photographer.
  • Advertising Photographer.

9 Freelance Writing Careers

Freelance Writer

1. Writing or Content Marketing

Writers are in demand for every industry. They create blogs, newsletters, magazine articles, and the likes. 

Content writers create marketing content for a business new product or service to gain traffic, engagements and attract sales. 

They have the necessary SEO skills. They work together with the editorial team, do in-depth research for topics, and produce excellent quality write-ups, new blog posts, and articles. The average hourly rate for this freelance career is around $50-$500, depending on the project. 

Future Career Paths:

  • Chief Content Officer.
  • Content Promotion Specialist.
  • Managing Editor.

2. SEO Content Writing

SEO experts develop content for various platforms such as websites, email marketing, product descriptions, blogs, and more. They use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in writing these contents. 

They also monitor and analyze the marketing objectives of their client’s business. The average hourly rate for this freelance career is around $26 to $30.  

Future Career Paths:

  • SEO Consultant.
  • SEO Auditor.

3. Copywriter

Copywriters are responsible for creating and adapting fresh written content intended for different social media platforms such as advertising, marketing, and descriptive texts. 

A copywriter is a creative writer to put it simply. They are responsible for the creative text in an advertisement that you see on tv commercials, product jingles, taglines. Usually, they write content used when introducing a new product line or services for a business.  The average hourly rate for this career is $26.64.

Future Career Paths:

  • Content Editor.
  • Editor in Chief.

4. Screenwriter

Screenwriters are highly creative professionals, very detailed, and have creative writing skills. They also know the filmmaking process. 

They work closely with directors and producers to write scripts for short films, tv shows, videos, commercials, and even video games. Screenwriters are responsible for writing about the synopsis, the characters’ personalities, and the storyline. The average hourly rate for this career is around $23.30 up to $30.

Future Career Paths:

  • Art and Drama Instructor.
  • Audio-visual Specialist.
  • Film Director.

5. Technical Writing

Technical writers are hired to do the writing for end-users. Their goal is to deliver an understandable context about the products and services of a specific business. It includes discussing the product’s technical information, how-to guides, website help section, assembly instructions, and other related content. 

They do extensive research about the product’s features and technical background and work with the product designers and developers. Making sure that these technical terms are entirely well written into layman’s terms, producing clear and concise information for the public. 

The average hourly rate for this career is around $35.03 or even higher, depending on a technical writer’s expertise.

Future Career Paths:

  • Content Developers.
  • Policy Writers.
  • Technical Trainers.

6. Ghostwriting

Typically, ghostwriting is writing for someone else. A ghostwriter writes articles, blogs, books, ebooks, speeches, newsletters, and other writing-related jobs.

It may sound unusual, but ghostwriting is a typical freelance career. Do you know that ghostwriting can be a lucrative job? To become a professional, well-paid ghostwriter, you should gain a lot of writing experience. 

And if you love playing with other people’s words, ideas and transforming them into your own words, this might be your niche. The average hourly rate for a ghostwriter is around $48.94 or even higher than this, depending on the job’s nature.

Future Career Paths:

  • Writing Coach.
  • Author. 

7. Freelance Journalist

Freelance journalists work independently. They extensively research a topic, interviewing sources, and reviewing the different angles of a story. Usually, they look into events or happenings that are timely and stay updated with the latest news. 

They sent their work to publishers and editors in different industries. The average hourly rate for this is around $36.26.

Future Career Paths:

  • News Editor.
  • Social Media Planner.
  • Public Relations Specialist.

8. Professional Blogger

Bloggers are freelance writers who have their websites where they create written entries with numerous topics. Some companies, local businesses, magazines, newspapers, and other bloggers also hire bloggers to write for them. 

They also incorporate marketing strategies with their blogs to gain engagements and publicity for their clients. The average hourly rate for this job is $15.

Future Career Paths:

  • Brand Ambassador.
  • Publisher.

9. Editing & Proofreading

Editors and proofreaders are a highly in-demand freelance career. They are responsible for editing write-ups before they even get published. They work back to back with authors and publications. 

They are keen on details, skilled in written English, and can work for an extended period. They check for grammatical errors, correct spellings, verify cited information, and revise context. They can proofread and edit books, different magazines, website pages, publications, journals, and more. The average hourly rate for this career is $27.50.

Future Career Paths:

  • Authors.
  • Advertising Editor.

8 Administrative Freelance Jobs

1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants assist different businesses remotely.  They do scheduling appointments for their clients, managing calendars,  preparing reports, marketing tasks, and other clerical and administrative works. The average hourly rate for this is $18.69.

Future Career Paths:

  • Senior Executive Assistant.
  • Marketing Administrative Assistant.

2. Recruiter

Freelance recruiters are responsible for hiring and selecting applicants, but they work remotely. Companies and businesses hire them to help their HR department in recruitment. They fill in the different job openings and work closely with the hiring manager to identify qualified candidates. 

Some recruiters earned through commission-based, and other employers offer part-time and full-time positions. The average hourly rate for this is $28.35. 

Future Career Paths:

  • HR Manager.
  • Talent Acquisition Manager.

3. Email Marketer

Email marketing is the promotion of the products and services of a business through email marketing campaigns. An email marketer is responsible for sending out email blasts and newsletters to prospective clients.

Email marketers are good at data analysis, market research and excellent in spreadsheet managing. Most email marketers’ average hourly rate is around $18.08.

Future Career Paths:

  • Senior Lead Generation.
  • Email Marketing Specialist.

4. Medical Transcriptionist

The medical transcriptionist’s primary work is listening to audio from doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners and transcribing these audio recordings. They must have in-depth knowledge of medical terminologies, transcription guidelines, and grammar. The average hourly rate for this freelance career is $16.95

Future Career Paths:

  • Customer Care Representative.
  • Medical Assistants.
  • Administrative Assistant for Healthcare facilities.

5. Accounting & Bookkeeping 

Accountants and bookkeepers are responsible for maintaining the financial records of a company or business. These include purchase transactions, receipts, sales, and payments. 

They are also responsible for financial reports; process accounts payables and receivables, manages invoices and taxes.  The average hourly rate for this freelance career is $215.

Future Career Paths:

  • Accounting Manager.
  • Budget Manager.
  • Head Accountant.

6. Legal Service Expert

Lawyers are now looking for freelance careers as some can’t handle the hectic hours that their firms usually require. According to ZipRecruiter, a freelance lawyer also called contract lawyers can make between $17,000 to $193,000 a year, with an average salary of $77,000.

Businesses are always willing to pay experts in the legal sector to handle the legal matters for them. Legal experts provide expert and strategic legal advice to the internal heads of the company. They also make drafts of various legal documents. 

As a contract lawyer, you’ll be dealing with various jobs, from working with firms and businesses to covering white-collar crime and bankruptcy cases in your freelance career. Anything that you might want to take on. You’ll also be doing the same legal tasks that a typical lawyer does: researching, running depositions, appearing in court, etc.

It’s best to focus on a single practice area so that your expertise can grow over time, and you’ll be able to build a network that you can tap into once the dry season rolls around. Also, since you’re going to be working independently, try to develop your communication skills to convince clients to pay what you’re charging in your freelance career.

Future Career Paths:

  • Corporate Counsels.
  • Insurance Attorneys.

7. Call Center & Customer Service

This freelance career is focused on answering the queries, concerns, and helping resolve the customers’ problems. Customer Service Professionals communicate with customers via chat support, phone call, and email. The average hourly rate is $14.35.

Future Career Paths:

  • Product Support Specialist.
  • Quality Assurance Manager.

8. Translators

If you’re multilingual, working as a freelance translator can be the way to go. The pay can range from $10 to $54 by the hour, with the average income falling to $28. As a freelance translator, you’ll be handling video, audio, and written transcriptions, although this can vary depending on what the client needs. 

Starting in this field can be challenging as you’ll need to lower your charge rate to get quality, hands-on experience.

From there, you can build your reputation and handle more intermediate projects before transitioning to the professional level. However, keep in mind that just because you speak a language exceptionally well, it doesn’t automatically make you qualified to be a translator. 

You’ll be dealing with written content, so a robust technical understanding of the language you know is a must. To find clients, check out this list of websites for Freelance Translator Jobs and Gigs.

7 Freelance Careers in Web Development

Web Developer

1. Web Development & Programming

Web development and programming are arguably the most lucrative jobs due to high demand from the tech industry and the constant stream of new businesses looking to establish an online presence. 

One important thing to know when you’re just striking out as a web developer or programmer is to advertise yourself as such, nothing less. More often than not, junior developers or programmers would disclose their position to clients, which would decrease their value as a freelancer. 

To increase your pay, invest more time in deeply learning commonly used languages like Python and Java. It is also best to keep up with the industry standards and familiarize yourself with emerging languages like Rust and TypeScript. 

Always remember that even if you’re just at the junior level, professionally, your skills might reflect more than that — the average hourly rate of $61 to $80.

Future Career Paths:

  • Front End Developer.
  • Lead Developer.

2. WordPress Developer

Freelance WordPress developers design websites for their clients using the WordPress web creation tool. They usually convert Photoshop Document (PSD) files into WordPress. They also maintain these websites and landing pages, manage platform integration, and monitor analytics. The average hourly rate for this job is $28.84.

Future Career Paths:

  • Software Developer.
  • Web Developer.

3. Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is responsible for the front and back end of web applications. They implement and fix domain logic, troubleshoot and debug applications, and maintain functional and stable web applications. The average hourly rate is around $39 to $50.

Future Career Paths:

  • Application Developer.
  • Front-end Developer.

4. Mobile App Developer

A Mobile App Developer career focuses on mobile technology. Mobile web developers know programming languages and software development. They are responsible for the app coding, innovative design, modifying of mobile apps.  The average hourly rate for this career is around $61 to $80. 

Future Career Paths:

  • Web Developers.
  • Database Developers.

5. Game Developer

Game developers create new game concepts and storyboards. And construct the base and features wherein the game will run. They will also incorporate visuals, sounds, and special effects into the game. The average hourly rate is around $27 to $36. 

Future Career Paths:

  • Game Programmer.
  • Senior Software Programmer.

6. User Experience (UX) Designer

A UX designer is responsible for the entire process of acquiring and integrating a product. This includes the concepts of branding, the design of the product, and enhancing its usages and functions.  Their goal is to provide a great user experience. They make sure that the users are comfortable while using the product, and they also keep in mind the user’s needs and expectations of the product are met. The average hourly rate is around $35 to $50.

Future Career Paths:

  • User Researcher.
  • Usability Analyst.

7. User Interface (UI) Designer

User Interface (UI) Design is a subset of User Experience (UX). It is about programming, facilitating usability, and improving the user experience. UI Designer is also responsible for enhancing the overall look and feel of apps and products. The goal of a UI designer is to provide convenience to end-users of the product. The average hourly rate for this job is $43. 

Future Career Paths:

  • Senior UI Designer.

4 Freelance Careers in Data Science

Data Science

1. Data Scientist

Data science experts are multi-talented professionals and the most sought-after across the different industries right now. They are responsible for programming, prototyping, automation, and optimization. The average hourly rate for a data scientist is $59. 

Future Career Paths:

  • Market Analyst.
  • Business Intelligence Expert.

2. Data Analyst

A Data Analyst career involves gathering data, creating and running models, structuring databases, and doing trend analysis. Data analysts are also responsible for data mining, segmentation, and modeling.

Their projects differ from time to time. They can work within various departments such as marketing, sales, and even in production. The average hourly rate for this career is $33. 

Future Career Paths:

  • Analytics Professional.
  • Business Analyst.

3. Data Engineer

A data engineer is the most important profession in big industries. They are in charge of the business core data.

They are responsible for existing data infrastructure, designing and building pipelines, integrating external sources, and optimizing data operations. The average hourly rate for Data Engineers is $41.67.

Future Career Paths:

  • Data Architect.
  • Quantitative Analyst.

4. Data Management Specialist 

Data Management Specialist’s primary job functions include data modeling, system integrations, and configurations. They also handle data processing and must ensure that they adhere to the standards and manage databases. The average hourly rate for this career is $25.32.

Future Career Paths:

  • Data Processing Specialist.
  • Master Data Specialist.

3 Freelancing Jobs in Teaching

Professor Teaching Class

1. ESL Tutor

English as a Second Language (ESL) tutor is a fluent English speaker that teaches those who are not well-versed with the English language. 

They help students learn and improve the English skills of each student. The average hourly rate for an ESL tutor is around $25. 

Future Career Paths:

  • Full-Time Teaching Career.
  • Call Center Agent.

2. Curriculum Developer

A curriculum developer or an instructional coordinator works with teachers and the school administration in the academe. They develop and enhance the schools’ current curricula. 

Curriculum developers improve the overall educational system to help the students learn more effectively. The average hourly rate for a curriculum developer is around $40. 

Future Career Paths:

  • Instructional Coach.
  • Formal Teaching Career.

3. Tutor

This freelance career is all about assisting students with their academics tasks outside the classroom setting. A tutor can lead a small group or do one on one lessons. The average hourly rate for this career is around $25 to $80.

Future Career Paths:

  • Instructional Coordinators.
  • Teaching Career.

4 Freelancing Jobs in Fitness

Fitness Trainers

1. Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is an expert in fitness training and exercise. They communicate with their clients regarding the workout plan and on what the clients want to achieve.

Personal Trainers give guidance and monitor their client’s fitness progress regularly. They can lead training sessions with a small group of people or individually. The average hourly rate for this freelance career is around $18 to $48.

Future Career Paths:

  • Fitness Manager.
  • Facility Supervisor.
  • Gym Instructor.

2. Yoga Instructor

A yoga instructor is a fitness professional. This career involves teaching yoga to a group of people; stretching poses practice mindful meditation, and much more. 

They could also help you do yoga even at home thru online classes, without the hassle of going to the gym or facility. Their average hourly rate is about $34 up to $75. 

Future Career Paths:

  • Studio Owner/Manager.
  • Yoga Researcher.
  • Yoga Therapist.

3. Nutrition Consultant

Before you dive into this freelance job, you need to have some proper education and experience in this field. Nutritionists generally provide you with information about food and how it affects the body, and of course, they advocate healthy eating. They can also work in different sectors, such as health education, public health, and other private health sectors. 

They are not the same as the dietitians who work with ill people, who have allergies and malnutrition. Take note that nutritionists work with people who are healthy and fit.  Nutritionists’ average hourly rate is around $25. 

Future Career Paths:

  • Nutritional Therapist.
  • Food Safety Auditor.
  • Oncology Nutritionist.

4. Wellness Coach

Wellness coaches do not treat or provide any therapy to their clients. But, what they do is to motivate their clients to stay fit and healthy, and of course, to achieve their fitness goals. 

They guide their clients to combat their bad habits and other issues, such as obesity, smoking, lack of exercise, and the likes. The average hourly rate for this freelance career is around $30 to $36. 

Future Career Paths:

  • Wellness Coordinator.
  • Lifestyle Coach.
  • Mental Health Coach.

5 Helpful Tips for Landing High Paying Freelance Jobs

Productive While Freelancing - Smooth Transition from A Freelance to Full-time Career - Choosing the Right Freelancer for Your Team - hiring freelancers abroad-Freelance

1. Market Yourself

The easiest way to market yourself is to make use of social media and other online platforms. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumbler, and Pinterest are just some of the most used websites for advertising freelancing. Make use of these social platforms and introduce yourself to the freelancing world.

Freelancers are proactively updating their skills to remain marketable as the industry evolves. You should participate in skills training that will help you master your niche. And also collaborate with other freelancers by sharing tips and exchanging ideas. 

2. Research

The second tip is about research. I know you are wondering what you will do first. Is it researching the job you are interested in? The niche you are trying to master? Or is it about where to get your clients? Okay, it is all of them.

As an aspiring freelancer, you need to know every bit of information about the freelance career that you want. And you might also want to check out the highest paying freelance jobs right now.

In addition to that, you also need to know what the clients usually look for in a freelancer. 

Research about:

  • Freelance career background that you want (job description).
  • Skills and qualifications required for the job.
  • Average pay rates for each freelance job.
  • Best freelance jobs.
  • Freelancing websites.

Be determined to improve yourself and be open to criticism. You need to work hard to improve your abilities for you to stand out. 

3. Look for a Mentor

As a newbie in the freelancing industry, it is good to have a mentor. You need someone with credibility, knowledge, and years of experience in the freelance career that you have chosen. 

A mentor is someone you can depend on and will help you build your freelancing career and guide you in choosing some of the best freelance jobs. Someone you could easily talk to, guide you, and help you hone your skills and abilities. 

4. Start Networking 

Start networking now. It will help you build and maintain a strong network of people. Build a web of people who have great connections in the freelancing industry. Networking is the key to keep your career thriving. 

Do active networking. Your first-ever clients could be one of your friends, colleagues, or even a family of yours. You could also ask them if they know someone who might need your services and refer you in return. In this way, you could build your reputation and confidence in your first freelancing job.

 There is no harm to accept free work or even low pay to increase your knowledge and build your portfolio. Remember, big things often have small beginnings. 

5. Begin Pitching Clients

Are you ready to look for work? Now, you can start building your freelance career with the help of the tips that were mentioned above. Do not be overwhelmed by the numbers of the top freelance jobs that are on your list.

Be confident, and start sending out your portfolios or resume to different job sites. Send out emails to potential clients. And do not be discouraged if some of them do not revert to you or if some even declined your proposal. 

Do not give up quickly, and do not be demotivated. Just keep your spirits up, and you will surely land that high paying freelance job soon.

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