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Sometimes, you just know that the life that you’re living isn’t the one you want to be living anymore. You can feel it when you wake up, it follows you around during the day, and it’s there before you doze off to sleep.

But when it comes to making a career change, it isn’t so easy, especially if you don’t know what direction you want to go in. But fear not, because all is not lost. Below, we take a look at a few ways you figure out what you should do next.

1. Take a Trip

If you’re “too close” to a problem, then you’ll never be able to get the perspective you need to figure things out. It’s important that you find ways to create a barrier between you and your daily life; if you don’t, then you’ll be too wrapped up in your stressful existence to know where to go next.

One of the best ways to do this is to take a trip. Spend a few weeks hiking in the outdoors, or visiting friends and family, and you should have a clearer understanding of the path you should take.

2. Keep Things Simple

People often go about their desire for a change in the wrong way. Instead of asking ‘what do I want to do?’, then get wrapped up in thinking ‘I don’t want to be doing what I’m currently doing anymore.’

A desire to not do something is negative energy; what you need is positive energy! Think about the simple things you need from life. It might be greater work/life balance, a shorter commute, a workplace you feel more connected to, or anything else. Once you’ve figured out the basics, the road you should take should be more clear.

3. Try Things Out

Of course, the right life for you might be something that you’ve never even thought of before. There are a million different ways of being on earth, but you might only know a handful of them!

Before you commit to your next life, try a few things out. Make the most of the many volunteer positions that will be available in your area, and see which one you like. It’ll be a stress-free way to try out the type of career you might like in the future.

You might find that you love doing something you would never have thought of before!

4. Speak To People

You’ve gone through life making connections with people. Is now the time to begin putting those connections to good use?

You have friends, family members, and colleagues who want to see you doing well – and will be willing to help you get there if they can. Let people know that you’re thinking of a change; they might just know of a job you’d be perfect for.

5. Have Faith

Finally, remember this: always have faith. Life isn’t linear, and everyone experiences ups and downs from time to time.

Even if things aren’t perfect right now, remember to have the belief that all will be well in the end – it always is!

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