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More than often, Monday seems impossible for many people. No matter the occupation, a lot of individuals actually hate the first day of the week. Every one of us has our different reasons and motives for not enjoying Monday days. 

The truth is, there are many things that have been planted in your mind, you might have many disempowering life habits, or you might be working on something that you’re not enjoying. 

Figuring out what exactly bothers you so much is the first step. The second would be your mindset, your lifestyle choices, and your habits. These factors could be considered personal improvements; their purpose is to help you enjoy more of your days, especially days like Monday. 

During today’s article, we’re going to explore some basic but also effective strategies that should inspire everyone who’s feeling down, lifeless, or disappointed each Monday morning. It would be impossible to fix every disappointment in life at once; you should first focus on smaller but more persistent issues in your life. 

Feeling bad one out of seven days for the rest of your life is absolutely insane, and you should never practice that!

1) Do You Enjoy What You Do?

I couldn’t help but make this question a priority. You know, no one can help you if you’re not contributing to the process. It first starts with you.

You must be genuine with yourself, and try answering this question: “Do you enjoy what you’re currently doing in your life?” If the question is negative, then the following tips will only help you twice less than they would if you’d actually like what you’re doing. 

Choosing the wrong career is often a cause for feeling awful every Monday. It’s pretty obvious; not doing something that personally and truly interests you will take the life out of that activity. 

Even though you hate to admit that you’ll eventually have to change your life, or that you couldn’t bear with this lifestyle for eternity, I’m here telling you that making a change is a rejuvenating process rather than a painful one. 

If you’re still in college, you must pay close attention to what you choose to do in life. There are many mistakes that could drag you down, and you’d better avoid them while you still can. 

If you’re already established and hold responsibilities, the change will be a bit harder, but never impossible. Here’s something to give you an impulse to initiate the change that you’ve always held in your thought.

2) Don’t Be Lazy on Fridays

For many people, Fridays are “cheating days”‘; days in which you’re eager to stop working and finally live your life…after all it’s weekend. You see, this is something that became a habit, and it’s truly damaging your Monday’s performance. 

By rushing Fridays, you’re leaving unfinished work. Those assignments that you haven’t completed by the end of the last week don’t just vanish. Instead, they’ll have to be dealt with on Monday. 

Obviously, this though will torment you on weekends, and when the “big day” starts, you’ll feel extremely stressed out. You’ll start hating what you do, and you’ll blame it all on something else instead of seeing it as your own fault. Never be lazy on Fridays!

3) Work is Work, Life is Life

On the other side of the fence, some of you are not letting work be work. That means that even though you should take some time to rest, to spend some time with your family, or to focus on a hobby, you just can’t stop thinking about work.

Fine, I understand that you’re doing something important and you need more time; we all feel the same, but that shouldn’t turn you into a sad workaholic.

The lack of balance in your life will eventually affect you on a personal and professional level. In order to avoid this, you need to disconnect from time to time. Do not tolerate work thoughts while you’re not working; it only stresses you out and it makes you neglect everyone around you. Moreover, when Monday’s knocking at your door, you won’t have the personal and mental power to start strong.

4) Live the Present Moment and Be Grateful

Did you know that gratitude and love are the most powerful feelings that a human can experience? Did you know that gratitude can actually eliminate every possible negative state and thought?

If you enter a gratitude state, everything’s going to be alright. You’re going to feel in peace, and almost nothing could infect you with negative thoughts. 

Living the present moment should also help you deal with your Monday mornings. Instead of letting overwhelming thoughts visit your mind all the time, try focusing on whatever you’re doing right now. You’re only living in the present, so the past and the future are merely illusions. 

After all, we’re all looking for fulfillment in life, but we fail to realize that it all lies in front of us. We can choose what feelings to focus on, what actions to take, and also how to perceive our days.

5) Create a Special Routine for Monday Mornings

If you’re looking to improve your Monday moods, you should start with your morning routine. Starting your day with full force and full focus will tremendously impact the rest of the day.

Here’s my suggestion: wake up one hour earlier and create your own routine. You should follow that “special routine” each Monday in order to put yourself in the proper state. 

Find something that could be good for you or for your body. For example, you can jog for twenty minutes, take a shower, drink a special type of coffee or tea, and listen to something inspiring. This should be done every Monday morning in order to create habits. Of course, the example was general, and you can choose your own habits.

6) Create Connections with Your Colleagues 

Michelle Austin is an HR manager in my professional network. After a small personal talk and many questions that came from my side, Michelle gave me a really straightforward reason for which their employees are always productive and happy on Mondays: 

“Our human resources team is made up of talented individuals who love what they do. Moreover – and this is very important – they love who they’re working with. I could state that most of our employees know something about each other, communicate frequently, and even go out together every now and then.” 

Therefore, developing stronger bonds with your colleagues might often change the way you see Monday mornings and work.

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Paula Hicks is an experienced editor from Philadelphia. Currently, works as freelance writer for Help.Plagtracker and the number of educational and recruiting websites. You may follow Paula on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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