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Different technologies are currently ruling the development of the world. Businesses can be seen making a continuous effort to boost their sales by adopting progressive technologies. But not all of them can help you gain a better and larger customer base. Hence, it is a must that we choose the one that displays true potential. Today, we will be discussing one such tech mobile app development.   

Within a decade of its introduction, this tech has been able to make the world with its potential. It helps the small, medium, and large scale businesses to expand their scope of development. Broadening your horizon becomes easier with app technology. The inclination of the emerging companies towards application ameliorates the curiosity of any budding entrepreneur.

As we step closer to the era of absolute digitization, it is necessary to walk hand in hand with this trending tech. Isn’t this global popularity exciting? The actual reason behind its gargantuan popularity is the tech’s capability to bridge the gaps present between the user base and the brand. It helps the company to mend the persisting differences and eradicate all the loopholes. With such huge advantages, it is understood that the world would want to know about the technology and the right techniques to integrate the same.

If you want to know more about mobile app development and the way to build the business with it, then keep reading further.

How Mobile App Helps a Business Brand?

Integrating business with a mobile app helps a company in different ways. Some of them are mentioned below, take a look-

1. Better & Larger Audience

Due to the geographical limitations, brick and mortar stores are never able to get hold of a larger audience. But with the application, it is possible to get in touch with new customers from all over the world. Through marketing, this audience can be updated regularly

2. More Sales

Once the brand is able to draw a huge number of customers with the help of an application., the sales also increase. It can be further ameliorated with the help of multiple features.  

3. Higher Brand Visibility

On a global platform, customers can easily view your brand from any part of the world. An application provides much better visibility as compared to a brick and mortar business.

4. Eliminates Competition

With the rise of technology in the business world, competition across popular fields has increased. If a company wants to survive and excel through the cutting edge competition, then they can do so with the help of an application.   

5. Reduces the Impact of Lockdown

As the world fights a war against coronavirus, the complete world has been put on lockdown. Physical stores have been affected a lot, but with an application, they can survive this difficult situation as well.   

How to Determine If Your Business Needs a Mobile App?

man monitoring data on his smartphone and laptop

Take a look at the following questions if you want to know if the app is your business best fit.

1. Do your competitors have one?

If your competitors have an application it is very important for you to go digital. It delivers an added advantage and helps you to stand out.  

2. Will it provide a solution to your audience?

If your audience is demanding an application to enjoy your services then it is necessary to have one. For example, if you own a clothing brick and mortar store, make sure to provide online delivery and services to simplify the process for busy customers.   

3. Do you wish to offer a loyalty program to your audience?

Appreciating the loyal user base with such programs can help boost your popularity. So make sure to add an application through which you can deliver a loyalty program to your customers.  

4. Do you want to focus on user-generated content for marketing?

If you wish to integrate functionality that allows users to share the content of your brand on their social media, then having an application is a must.   

5. Do you wish to use functionalities provided by the mobile?

Do you want to use the camera for the AR feature of your brand? Do you want to use the GPS? If yes, then having an app for your brand can deliver results.

How to Develop an Application That Brings Results?

There are a lot of apps present in the Play Store and App Store with a very less number of downloads. Take a look at the below-mentioned techniques, if you don’t want to decrease your progress.

1. Choose the right development company

It is necessary that you choose the right set of developers for creating your application. The developers must have the knowledge of the particular technology that you require and must also have the right experience about the same.  

2. Provide value to the audience

Delivering value to the user base is very important if you wish to gain profits. The reason why a lot of apps fail is that they are not able to deliver value to the audience. Use every feature that boosts the customer’s convenience level and makes the process simple for them.    

3. Simplify the traditional process

The traditional process involves a lot of physical work. That is the reason why users want to switch to the digital world of applications. Your application must be able to simplify the atrocities faced by the user in the traditional process by shifting them online. Online payment apps are a great example of simplifying the traditional process.    

4. Provide convenience to the user base

With the help of the application, the company can provide convenience to the audience. For example, they can make registration easy, they can allow doorstep delivery, they can optimize the process.

5. Use right monetization techniques

Make sure to add the right monetization strategies. For example, if you provide a video streaming service, make sure to monetize it in the right manner by keeping some of the content for premium customers. The subscription model is another way to monetize it.    

Things to Focus on While Creating a Business App

Mobile App Development

Take a look at the following five factors that a company needs to focus on during app development. 

1. Team

It is a must to have a talented team during the development of any project because breakthroughs cannot be guaranteed with a bootless brood. Make sure that the people you are working with have potential and the right experience in the specific field. This would upheave the progress of the application.   

2. Technology

There are a lot of technologies from blockchain to augmented and virtual reality, that are trending right now. But to yield the perfect results and ameliorating revenue, it is a must to choose the one that can drive your business closer to its success. For example, if you have an e-commerce business, making use of AR ans VR technologies can be helpful.   

3. Platform

Do you want your app on Android, iOS, Windows, or Web? Do you want to cover all of them? Well, the decision can be tough, but the right answer can be figured out with a little research. Always choose a platform with a maximum user base. If you want to target Android users, there is no need to build an app on iOS. 

4. Features

From push notification to the free deliveries, there are a lot of exciting features that can be added to boost the quality of the application. Put a lot of thought into what your audience wants from you and then integrate the features. The success of the application is dependent on the features you use.   

5. User Interface & User Experience

The design, look and feel of the app matters the most. There are a lot of competitors and alternatives present in the market. Hence, it an app lacks in Ui and UX, it can lose a lot of users.  

Examples of Businesses That Made It Big With an App

1. DoorDash

It is an American on-demand food delivery service. DoorDash was created by a bunch of Stanford students in 2013. It is among the multiple tech companies that make the most of logistics to provide food delivery from the different restaurants as per the demand. They have brought the users’ favorite restaurants at their doorstep. The success of this app is the result of a successful strategy with the right aim.    

2. Zoom

Zoom is an American communication tech company that is based in San Jose, California. With the help of a Cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform, it delivers online chat services and videotelephony to its worldwide audience. It is used for these four services-

  • Telecommuting.
  • Social relations.
  • Distance education.
  • Teleconferencing.

The company focuses on delivering simple to use services, as compared to the competitors. It is also cost-saving. With a high degree of employee efficiency, the company is minimizing computational cost.  

3. TikTok

TikTok is a China-based video-sharing social network service. The company is owned by an internet technology firm ByteDance. This app is used to develop lip-sync, talent, comedy, and short dance videos. It was launched in 2017 on Android and iOS platforms. This entertainment application is super famous all over the world and has a lot of fan following. It allows the user base to share their talent over a much larger and global community.       


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a popular online battle royal game that is commonly known as PUBG. It is an application by a South Korean company known as Bluehole. This app became popular in a short period of time. It also received encouraging reviews from critics. It did have some of the technical problems but it delivers brand new gameplay that can be used by any player.    

5. LinkedIn

It is an American-based app that provides business and employment-based services. It is used by people for-

  • Professional networking.
  • Posting jobs.
  • Posting CVs.

It allows the members to create detailed profiles and connect with each other in an online social network. It takes forward the real-world professional relationships. Here, the members can easily invite anyone to become a member. It is the most popular social platform in the professional world.       


open sign hanged outside of a business establishment

The technique to master the business may vary from brand to brand. But mobile app development assures the security that a brand needs in this progressive world. As we now are fully aware of the impact of applications on a brand, it is important to think about the future when linked with it.

Mobility is now becoming a brand new platform for communicating with the user base. Just like UX, it is about the user and not the brand’s personal goals and ambitions. Hence, it is important to make it exciting, and valuable. It must be a real extension of the brand. The app and its ideology, combined with the company will fulfill the PR and marketing purposes.

Make sure to provide help to your audience in a manner that allows them to solve their own problems. Discover an idea that can be integrated into an application, which solves a specific problem faced by the targeted user base. Allow the customers to find a solution to their own problems in a simple and intuitive manner.  

Research about your users, and find out about the ways in which they use technology and smart devices. Study those habits and create an app that is able to solve all their problems by making their life simple.

Adding unique features in an application is a must, but a brand must not neglect the effect of surprise and delight. Apart from pragmatic functionalities, it is a must to keep space for exciting components for building a successful application.

The beauty of mobile app development is that it allows the company to create its own success recipe with seamless features as ingredients. But to hit the nail, it is important to examine all the factors from technology to local competition.

The world of technology has opened up a doorway to unmatchable experiences, and now it is up to the brands to reach the zenith. Let us see what more does this tech has in store for us, but until then, stay tuned to this space for more information.

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