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17 Questions You Should Never Ask at the end of a Job interview

In any job interview, there will come a time (towards the end) where the interviewer will give you a chance to ask questions. This is a crucial step in the interview process. Asking effective questions can definitely make you stand out. In this post Jacquelyn Smith shares some of the questions that a candidate should not be asking.

The Biggest Mistake to avoid Before a Job Interview

Ashley Stahl shares some insights on the importance on checking on your digital footprint before heading to your next job interview. Employers often will google your name prior to the interview. Ashley provides some tips on improving your personal brand using social media. And how not doing so could potentially hurt you.

How to Stand Out in a Job Interview

Liz Ryan talks about shifting the paradigm during the interview ,from just answering questions to acting like a consultant. A consultant typically has a back-and-forth discussion with his/her client. Similarly as a candidate taking the same approach will help you stand out during the interview. She also provides some examples on how to do this effectively.

My Top 3 Interview Tips from 2015

James Caan is an active contributor on the LinkedIn Publishing platform. He often shares original ideas that will aid candidates during their interview and job search process. In this particular posts, he talks about the importance of research and follow-up and how these things will help you stand out during the interview process.

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