NetworkingHere are the Top 3 of the Most liked,shared and commented posts on the topic of Networking, for the month of March 2016.

a) Wear Orange Shoes: The Simple Key to Networking That Nobody Talks About

How do you stand out in a room of 100s of other professionals just like you. I bet many/all of them do the same thing – handout business cards, work the room,etc. However, sometimes it could be the simplest of things that could help you get noticed. In this post, Dave Kerpen shares a particular incident helped him connect with a key investor for his startup. Dave also shares some unique things you can try at your next networking event to stand out, and make those meaningful connections.

b) How to Build Rapport with Anyone at Networking Events

At networking events, too often we spend a lot of focus on saying the right things. However, there are other things that you can do (non-verbal) that will help you connect with your fellow attendees, and build meaningful connections. Some of these tips – I presume we might have used unconsciously, without knowing the impact.

c) How Too Much Networking Almost Killed my Startup

If you own a startup, or you are working on growing your business – this article will provide you another perspective on Networking. Too often, we network for the sake of networking. In this personal memoir-type post – Allen Gannett shares his story as a startup founder, and how spending too much time at networking events could potentially hurt your chances. He shares ideas on strategic networking i.e taking clients out for dinner, etc.



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