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Monthly Roundup | November 2015 | Job Interviews

Hello and welcome to the November 2015 Edition of Monthly Roundups.

In this roundup we will cover the most popular articles on the topic of JOB INTERVIEWS for this month.

The articles in this roundup post has been selected based on the views & social shares that have been generated for the month of November.

8 Insightful Questions only the Smartest Candidates Ask in a Job Interview

Candidates spend hours preparing for the Job Interview. Too often we spend our focus only on the questions an Interviewers would ask us. However an interview is a two-way street. We are interviewing the company as well. Austen Broome has compiled some amazing questions that a candidate can ask the potential employer.

5 Questions you should be asking in your Job Interviews

Peggy McKee reveals the top 5 questions you need to ask in an interview. These questions will not only help you understand the role & the company better; but also make you come across as a stronger candidate.

The craziest and most interviewing questions Apple asks during job interviews

Ever wondered how to secure a career at the World’s most valuable brand i.e Apple – then you will like this article. The editors have compiled a list of brain teaser questions Apple asks candidates during their interviews.

The worst horror stories from job interviews revealed

Ever been unhappy with your performance at a particular job interview. Then read this list. The worst thing that might have happened to you is that you did not perform well , and not have gotten the job. But the stories in this list are humorous, some painful to read. Hopefully you are not on this list 🙂

Wall Street Job Interviews: A Stress Reduction Game Plan

Stressed about your next job interview. Don’t worry -there is an app for that. Only for Wall Street jobs – Cornell-Knopman interview Prep for IB helps candidates to prepare their next interview at Wall Street. Prepare on the go (as long as there is wi-fi there) for your next Investment Banking Interview.

Job Interviews can be stressful. This is a common fear that almost everyone has experienced at one point in their careers. I hope the above articles have provided you some additional ideas on prepping for your next job interview. You can never be too prepared for a job interview. And the more resources you have the better.

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