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Hello and welcome to the November 2015 Edition of Monthly Roundups. In this post we will cover the most popular articles on the topic of Productivity for this month. The articles in this roundup post has been selected based on the views & social shares that have been generated.

A Software Programmer Automates his entire job and more

Originally Published on Business Insider, the post is hilarious & at the same time will open your eyes to the concept of automation. Imagine hacking every aspect of your life – your work, making coffee, responding to an angry customer, and texting your wife. Wouldn’t it be cool if everything was handled with pre-written scripts – and you can do something that you actually enjoy doing ie. Netflix binge-watching. If this is not the ultimate productivity hack, I don’t know what else is?

Silicon Valley Professionals use LSD to increase Productivity

Thought Steve Jobs was the only one who tried LSD in Silicon Valley? Thing again!! Adam Boult has done a good job by backing the claim with evidence and studies from other sources. I am not sure you should immediately go pick up LSD to improve your Productivity, but the resources in the article are worth looking to.

How to Schedule your Day for Maximum productivity

In a simple easy-to-follow Infographic, Rachel Gillett and Dylan Roach have shared this visual of an ideal day for a busy professional or a small business owner.

Two Things to do after every Meeting

Most people dread going to meeting, yet our work lives are filled with multiple meetings, most of them not directly yielding to results. Paul Axtell is an expert on Meetings and in this post he provides us with tangible ideas on how we can put them to use immediately. Taking notes during meetings, summarizing them, assigning responsibilities and holding people accountable – will definitely help your team get more accomplished.

7 Time-wasting Habits you need to cut out of your Life for Good

We spend a lot of time & effort in building positive habits to improve our lives. But it also important to be cognizant of those bad habits that can hamper our growth. Chad Halvorson has compiled a list of 7 habits that (most of us are guilty off ) that reduces our productivity.


I hope you enjoyed this month’s roundup on Productivity. We are heading into the final few weeks of the year. You now have some new ideas to beef up your activity before the holidays. Be careful with the LSD though 🙂

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