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Many might think that considering the rise of the Internet and mobile devices during the last few decades. Web developers and IT specialists must be the most in-demand professionals out there.

Indeed, these are quite sought-after professions. Research reveals there are many other career paths you might take in order to ensure a fulfilling future.

There are numerous factors that influence the demand in the job market. And, therefore, learning how to code is certainly not the only way towards a successful career.

Kate Simpson and Mary Kleim, members of the expert research and writing team at Assignment Masters, have recently put together a thought-provoking infographic. It depicts the 10 professions that will be in high demand in the near future in the US and UK.

Their research has revealed some interesting findings. They’re neatly presented in the image along with short descriptions of the jobs in question, necessary skills for the specific career paths and average salary in the US and UK, according to official government sources.

Reading through the infographic, you’ll notice that IT specialists are, indeed, on the list. But, surprisingly, not as prominent or highly ranked as you might have expected.

What seems to be most sought-after are professionals with interpersonal and communication skills, such as organisational psychologists, family therapists or interpreters/translators, as well as people working in the healthcare industry.

Check out the infographic yourself to discover all the professions that have the highest chances of leading to a flourishing career in the near future. And see which of them might be a good fit for you. If any of them suits your interests, traits and personality, don’t be afraid to go for it, as it has immense potential to turn your life around.

The 10 Most In-Demand Professions in the Nearest Future (Infographic)

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