Need a Resume That's Eye-Catching - Here's What You Need to Do!

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When it comes to job hunting, your resume is your most crucial and useful tool. It’s the first thing that potential employers will see about you, so it’s essential that it gives the right impression. When an employer receives hundreds of applicants for a role, they cherry pick the best candidates.

How the ‘best’ candidates are decided is firstly by throwing away all resumes with any errors on them. That’s why proofreading is so important. Secondly, by looking at the education, skills, and experience that each candidate has. If you want your resume to be one of the ones that’s cherry-picked, you need to ensure that it’s eye catching. As well as, of course, well-written, mistake-free, and professional.

The question that a lot of us struggle with is how do we make our resumes stand out? Want to know the answer – then keep reading as all is about to be revealed.

1. Get as much experience as possible

You probably think that this goes without saying. However, it’s so important that it’s worth repeating. As well as getting experience in other similar roles, consider taking on internships. You may not like the idea of working for free, but in return, you’ll get some awesome experience to add to your resume. As well as another reference.

Make sure to take advantage of every opportunity, whatever it may be. The more experience you have, the more eye-catching your resume becomes. Employers want people who have the skills and experienced needed to bring success to the role. That’s why they’re so choosy about who they opt to interview.

2. Make an effort to get extra credentials

As well as getting as much experience as possible, it’s also important to get as many extra credentials as you can. While it’s great if these things link to the job that you’re applying for in some way, they don’t have to. For example, many catering companies prefer to hire people who already have food hygiene certificates.

While for many management roles, employers look for people who have attended CPR classes and have medical training. Each employer wants something different. Be smart about the extra credentials you can get, take every opportunity with both hands. The more skills you have, the more employment opportunities, you’ll get.

3. Be an explorer

This might sound like an odd one, but travel is fantastic to have on your resume. If you have the chance to work or volunteer abroad, then do it. Whether it’s in a role that links to your career ambitions or not, it doesn’t matter. Employers like people who are adventurous as it shows they’re always up for a challenge and aren’t afraid to leave their comfort zones.

Whether you’ve worked in Africa or Australia, make sure that it’s on your resume. It will make you stand out from the other applicants. The more unique your skills and experience, the better.

Want to ensure that you get that interview? Then make sure that your resume has as many skills and experiences on it as possible.

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