In the past, the best and the brightest dreamed of being investment bankers or insurance brokers. It was where the money was. And everybody wanted to be a part of the sector. But since then, finance has taken a big hit. In the meantime, another industry has risen to prominence. And it’s now gobbling up talent like there’s no tomorrow.

The tech industry had humble beginnings in Silicon Valley. But now it’s taking over the world, and, as such, is a great place to start a career.

1. Tech Isn’t Just Innovating In Products

It’s not just in the product space that the tech industry is innovating. It’s innovating in the human resources and employee relations realms as well. Tech companies are so advanced that it’s often hard to find one that isn’t up to date on the employment front.

Just take a look at Google’s in-house staff facilities. Their main site is famous for its spa, massage areas and climbing wall. Apple’s new facility promises to cater for even more activities.

Yet, it’s not just in terms of facilities that the tech sector leads other industries. It leads other industries regarding organizational structures too.

The company Valve is a good example. It’s a company that offers an online video game platform. It’s a little bit like Netflix, where users can download games and related content. Valve doesn’t bother with management or hierarchy. Instead, everyone works on what they want to work on. And when they come up with an idea, they choose whom they wish to collaborate with. It sounds like chaos, but Valve has made it work and is one of the most productive companies in all of the tech sector.

2. Tech Is Hiring

The tech sector is expected to grow by an enormous 22 to 33 percent by 2020. That means that the industry will create millions of new, high-paying jobs. And they’re going to be looking for talent.

One of the benefits of all this growth is that tech is a sector that’s a lot easier to get into than, say, medicine. All you have to do, essentially, is build up a few core skills and then apply for work.

The good news is that it’s never been easier to do this with the rise of online learning platforms. You can search for reviews of sites and then compare. This Treehouse review is a good place to start.

3. There’s Optimism

The tech industry is often derided by industry in general for its unashamed optimism about the future. But here’s the thing: the tech sector often does deliver on its promises. Many people join the tech industry because they want to make the world a better place. As a result, the people tend to be positive. And that means that the working environment itself is exciting and future-oriented. Plus, passion about work is contagious.

4. You’ll Be Rewarded For All Your Hard Work

The great thing about the tech sector is that, for young people, age really is just a number. There are dozens of CEOs and CTOs in the tech sector still in their twenties. Because the sector is so results-based and dynamic, anybody with the skills can fill any role.

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