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It’s hard to determine what makes a business productive. It’s a mix of motivation provided by the management team and the environment in which the work is done. This means both the gadgets and utilities a company possesses and interaction between coworkers. The former part of this equation often gets overlooked, because it seems like a small matter. It most definitely is not.

Small tweaks around the office can do wonders for your productivity at large. Here’s a list of upgrades you can easily install and soon you’ll notice a difference in work performance.

1. Desks and Chairs

This seems pretty elementary, but it’s the basis of any workplace productivity. Employees should be comfortable and you should avoid clutter wherever it’s possible. Obviously, you should start dealing with these issues by taking care of desks and chairs.

Investing in ergonomic chairs is never a waste of money. You’ll be spending a lot of time on that chair and it’s important to choose the one that’s best for your posture. Desks should provide enough space for work, while at the same time they can conceal cables and charge your devices. Consider getting standing desks for data entry or programming jobs.

2. Colors

It may sound like voodoo but it’s actually based on science. A color palette which surrounds us can significantly help not just with productivity, but generally with the mood at the office.  Warm colors (red, orange, and yellow) can help with creativity and staying engaged. Cooler colors (green, blue, and purple), on the other hand, make you feel relaxed and calm.

It’s easy to see how a business can use this to its advantage. Use bright colors in a conference room, where creativity and brainstorming are encouraged and paint the lounge light green, so the employees can relax and gather their thoughts.

3. Lights

Good lighting is essential not just for obvious reasons – it also creates a sense of openness and creates a better working environment. Windows are the best choice, but they usually can’t provide enough light for the entire space.

Modern LED panel office light is the next best thing, providing more than enough light in addition to being green and budget-friendly. These lights are easily installed and can be used for showrooms, storage spaces, and in ordinary offices. Just make sure you organize the desk in a way that avoids glare.

4. Plants

Having plants around the office can help reduce stress and overall negative feelings. Before you get them, have in mind that plants also need to be taken care of. The best choice for a small office is probably Lemon Balm. It can grow just the same in the sun or in the shade, so it doesn’t really matter where you put it. All you have to do is to have a large enough pot and water it regularly. It has a pleasant scent, which creates a calming atmosphere and boosts work performance.

5. Temperature

Thermal comfort is important for both the well-being of your employees and their productivity. This means that a person wearing moderately warm clothes should feel pleasant while working. A recommended temperature is between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius. Have in mind that it’s different for men and women, so you will have to do some balancing.

Humidity levels should generally be kept somewhere between 20 and 70 percent, but this is only roughly speaking. Air velocity below 0.2 meters per second will keep the air fresh and it won’t interfere with the work performance.

All of these may seem like nitpicking, but if any of these conditions are a bit off – it starts to show, and going to the office becomes an unnecessarily difficult task. Avoid it so you can focus on work.


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