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LinkedIn is the social media site that every professional turns towards to build their professional networking. With more than 530 million users, it’s a one stop destination for anyone looking to increase their network.

While the initial aim for LinkedIn was to connect professional, it very soon diversified into other horizontals and one of which was to help people find jobs.

Now, these features have been there for a while, but haven’t been fully utilised by professionals. In this article, we would try to guide you on how to utilise this platform so that you land your dream jobs.

Following are some of the amazing features available on LinkedIn that has been mostly overlooked

1) Open Candidates

Being a professional social network, LinkedIn should definitely be the first choice of everyone looking for a job. While there are several ways people have been using LinkedIn to improve their networking, grab jobs, etc.

There is one feature that despite being one of the best for job seekers has often been overlooked. It’s when you open your profile to new opportunities.

Following are the steps one should follow to use this feature:

A. Go to your LinkedIn profile.
B. There you would see an option where you can enter your Career Interest. Click to open it.
C. The first thing is to allow the recruiters that you’re open for job.
D. Next, you have to fill certain informations like- ‘Note to Recruiters’, ‘Job Titles’’, ‘Location’, ‘Preferred Industries’ and ‘Company Size’.
E. Save the changes.

Once you have saved the changes, your profile would be visible to recruiters who are hiring in that domain. Also, do not worry about your present recruiter, as LinkedIn does it’s best that it does not show your profile to your current employer and his associate company.

Now, our advice would be that if you are truly looking for a job change, then definitely use this LinkedIn feature. The point to keep in mind is that you should chose the job role and the preferred industry wisely and the one you have interest in.

Also in the ‘Note to Recruiters’, one should say why he/she is suitable for the role.

4 Overlooked LinkedIn Features to Help You With Your Next Job Search

2. LinkedIn Salary

Finding the market salary for a particular post is nearly an impossible task. There are several factor such as experience, location, etc. which help in determining the salary for a particular post. But, the problem is that neither people nor a company usually shares the salary of an employee.

To overcome this problem, LinkedIn started LinkedIn salary. Now, LinkedIn not only provides salary information based on location, demographic, experience, etc.

But it also provides certain features that can provide an invaluable help to you in making career decision like-

A. Industries where you can get higher package for a particular job post.
B. Cities where a particular job profile is in high demand.
C. Do you need to get higher education to get better salary?

There are several such questions, which LinkedIn salary can help you get answered. Now, since the service has been very recently started, you may not find large number of data for your field. But, be patient and we are very sure that your job profile would have sufficient data on LinkedIn.

Now, the one problem that LinkedIn might face is gathering the data and ensuring that it is accurate.

Right now, LinkedIn asks it’s users to upload their salary and then cross-validates it. While, the problem that the user might face is that you can view LinkedIn salary only if you first upload the data of your current salary or have premium account. If this is your first job you are looking for, then having a premium account is your only option.  

4 Overlooked LinkedIn Features to Help You With Your Next Job Search

3. Enhanced Employer Page

LinkedIn employer page has been changed for good. The page now easily provides information about the company, jobs openings and the life at the company. Now,the enhanced employer page is an optional offering, which every business does not have.

But, if the company you are looking into has this, then following is what you can get-

A. A brief information about the company in the ‘Overview’ tab.

B. In the job sections this is what you can get
    1. ‘Jobs that match your skill’– This section would tell about the job openings in the company that matches your skill. When you click on a particular job you get to know the number of matching skills, job description and an option to apply for the job.

     2. ‘All Jobs at this company’– Here you can see all the job openings at the company.

     3. ‘Employee Insights’- In employee insights, one can see various information about the company such as ‘where they work’, ‘skills’, ‘Language spoken by employees’, etc.

C. Next in the ‘Life’ tab one can see what it’s like to work in the company, the journey shared by the employees, etc.

4 Overlooked LinkedIn Features to Help You With Your Next Job Search

4) LinkedIn Profinder

 The freelancer economy is booming with thousands of freelancers joining the community every month. Now, the companies too are placing their trust in these freelancers to get things done. And, what better resource could be there other than LinkedIn to find freelance professionals.

With LinkedIn profinder, one can easily find freelancer for a specific work. All you have to do is answer some questions related to your project. Once done you would receive 5 proposal that has been curated from LinkedIn’s freelancer’s list.

Now, if you are a freelancer, you can send upto 10 proposals. After reaching the limit the freelancer has to pay $47.99/month.

Now, if you are a professional looking for a job, we hope that these features would help you to find a better one. Not only this, if you are looking for a freelancing opportunity, then also this article has something for you.

While there are several features that can help you find jobs on LinkedIn, we think what’s most important is how you make your profile look.

So, make sure that your profile catches immediate action of the recruiters and you would definitely land an amazing job.

All the best!  

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