Expert Roundup – Top 5 Articles on Productivity (Nov 9 to Nov 13)

In case you missed these posts this past week (Nov 9th to Nov 13th) I have compiled the Top 5 Most shared/engaged articles on the web – on the topic of “Productivity”. 1. The Simple Technique to fit a 40-Hour workweek into 16.7 Hours by Chris Winfield This post originally published on Fast Company ,received … Continue reading “Expert Roundup – Top 5 Articles on Productivity (Nov 9 to Nov 13)”

Can You Really Read 50 Books In A Year?

Yes you can!! I did it!! I officially completed the 50 Books Challenge ( a challenge I set for myself beginning of this year). One of my 2015 goals was to complete reading 50 Books by the end of this year. I reached my target with 57 days to go (8 more weeks to go). … Continue reading “Can You Really Read 50 Books In A Year?”

What is Personal Branding AND Why is it Important?

In the previous post, I shared about how I got introduced to the idea of Personal Branding. Since this is a topic you hear a lot these days, I wanted to share further insights on Personal Branding. In this post, we will discuss what Personal Branding is, and what are some of the key benefits … Continue reading “What is Personal Branding AND Why is it Important?”

Speed up Your Job Search with an Informational Interview

Often I get asked about non-traditional methods of job-hunting. Job Boards, Networking events, Referrals,etc. are still prevalent today & will continue to be with more people entering the workforce. However, I do not need to tell you that traditional job-hunting ,i.e applying for jobs on LinkedIn,Indeed,etc. is becoming more and more difficult because of increased … Continue reading “Speed up Your Job Search with an Informational Interview”

Does Coffee Make You More Productive?

I am a coffee-addict !! I drink lots of coffee daily. Sometimes 3 to 4 cups a day. I start off my days usually early at 5am; and I get less sleep than optimal. Plus it is autumn. As you can see, I am stacking up reasons (excuses) for my coffee addiction. For me it … Continue reading “Does Coffee Make You More Productive?”

The Best Career Advice I Ever Received

It was time for the Annual Performance Review. It is that time of the year, that myself and my colleagues usually looked forward to . Why? Because we might be potentially getting a bump in our salaries. Regardless or how small or big the salary hike was (in some cases it hardly met inflation) – … Continue reading “The Best Career Advice I Ever Received”

7 Ways I have Benefited from Waking Up Early

“The Early Bird Catches the Worm” – Anonymous “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy,wealthy, and wise.” – Benjamin Franklin I am sure that you have read other quotes like these about the benefits of waking up early. I have too for years- yet I have struggled with this until my … Continue reading “7 Ways I have Benefited from Waking Up Early”

Learn Anything Fast in 20 Hours

I am a learning addict. I love to learn new things, perhaps it is my innate curiosity to know more about how things. But I am always looking forward to learning something new, acquiring a new skill, sharpening my existing skills. I am always looking for Hacks, Shortcuts, Tips,Tricks to acquire a new skill. However, … Continue reading “Learn Anything Fast in 20 Hours”

Leadership Lessons I have learnt from Steve Jobs

After watching the latest trailer of the Steve Jobs movie, I can’t wait to watch it. I know what you are thinking. “Another Steve Jobs movie?”.. Yes I can hear you groan. There has been no shortage of books,movies & documentaries on Steve Jobs. However, I am willing to bet that this latest one will … Continue reading “Leadership Lessons I have learnt from Steve Jobs”

Will I Ever Work for an Early-Stage Startup?

In the previous posts of the “Should I Work for a Startup? series, I provided an unbiased approach to the question. In the first post I described the Benefits of getting a job at a startup, and in the second article I wrote about the disadvantages. Now it’s time to get personal!! In this particular … Continue reading “Will I Ever Work for an Early-Stage Startup?”