How to Build a Career as an SEO Specialist

Guess you are quite aware. It’s one of the most sought after skills. According to LinkedIn 2015 and 2016 top skills survey, search engine optimization remains one of the top 10 skills employers sought after. And I guess that’s why you reading this article, to learn how you can build a career as an SEO … Continue reading “How to Build a Career as an SEO Specialist”

How to Prepare for Your Enrolled Agent Exam

The finance industry offers young professionals a variety of career paths, but an up and coming route that doesn’t require a college degree is centered on our tax system. Enrolled agents are experts in tax law, and can expect to make lucrative salaries with the right career path. If you are pursuing a position as … Continue reading “How to Prepare for Your Enrolled Agent Exam”

How Inspirational Profile Is The Key Factor for The Success of A Freelancer’s Career

Freelancing is probably one of the most rewarding career paths, especially for people with the right combination of skills and experience. You get to determine your own pay, set your own hours, and still have fun with friends and family without having to worry about a nagging boss. As such, many people in formal employment … Continue reading “How Inspirational Profile Is The Key Factor for The Success of A Freelancer’s Career”

5 Signs It’s Time For an Office

I love working from home. There’s joy in being able to stay in bed, wear whatever you want, watch TV and to do this all while making a day’s wage. It’s one of the early perks of working jobs in which you’re your own boss. In fact, I know people who have run successful businesses … Continue reading “5 Signs It’s Time For an Office”

The Thing About Hard Work

Hard work. We don’t like it but it’s what we must do to achieve success. Taking note that we have our own definition of success. But the thing with hard work is that it always pays off. You won’t go wrong doing hard work especially if you love what you do and feel that your … Continue reading “The Thing About Hard Work”

Risk and Failure; Your Best Allies

It happens all the time. Every freelancer had at least one big crash. That awesome idea, that winner solution, that unbelievable service everyone needs and YOU can offer turned into a major failure. It could not happen, but it did. Suddenly you “wake up” to a nightmare. That planned business has failed, miserably. Now you … Continue reading “Risk and Failure; Your Best Allies”

Unlock the Power of Attention Management at Work

I’m a speaker and trainer on workplace productivity. You might imagine that that means I show people how to squeeze more and more work into their day, or how to fill every moment with activity, or how to accomplish five things at once. Nothing could be further from the truth. Being constantly busy may sound … Continue reading “Unlock the Power of Attention Management at Work”

A Review on Lack of Engagement in the Workplace

In 2015, only 32 percent of employees were engaged at work meaning they were happy with their employment. Millennials were the least engaged at work and the most likely to be actively looking for employment elsewhere. American businesses spend between $450-$550 billion annually on actively disengaged employees. There are several causes for disengagement in the … Continue reading “A Review on Lack of Engagement in the Workplace”