How Noise is Disrupting Your Work

The modern office layout trends toward open floor plans and co-working spaces. This layout allows employees to collaborate with each other, but that ability to collaborate involves speaking over interoffice noise. Noise is everywhere, inside and outside, at home, at work and in your pocket. That’s just how it is, right? It doesn’t have to … Continue reading “How Noise is Disrupting Your Work”

5 Essential CV Writing Rules

When you’re on the hunt for a new job opportunity, it pays to understand the rules and guidelines of employer CV expectations. So StandOut CV have provided 5 essential CV writing rules to follow if you want to ensure your CV gets attention for employers. Ensure that your CV is specifically targeted towards one type … Continue reading “5 Essential CV Writing Rules”

Employee Rights: Understanding Worker’s Compensation Claim

Thousands of work-related injuries occur each year, and workers receive compensation through the workers’ compensation claim process. Some of the most common injuries in the workplace are back injuries, burns and cuts. Occupational diseases and emotional injuries are lesson common occurrences, but they still happen. If you receive an injury while you are at work, … Continue reading “Employee Rights: Understanding Worker’s Compensation Claim”

5 Foundations for a Successful Job Search

Using the most effective methods to search for and get a job, can be the difference between landing a job within a few weeks and waiting months. To ensure you don’t waste your time, we have collected professional advice for all job seekers to follow. 1. All About You To begin finding the right job, … Continue reading “5 Foundations for a Successful Job Search”

Please Remove These 7 Things From Your Resume

You never know when you will be put in a position of looking for another job. Anything can happen. The economy can squash your job, or your boss can show you the door. Perhaps, you’d just like to look elsewhere for a challenge or better remuneration. One way or another, you’ll always have to keep … Continue reading “Please Remove These 7 Things From Your Resume”

4 Things to Know Before Quitting Your Job to Follow Your Dreams

Sure, you might have forgotten about your career and gotten a job, but when that no longer satisfies you don’t just give up on it. Yes, there is an immediate temptation to quit and just get on with it. Resist that urge. You see, the problem with just quitting before you have something else lined … Continue reading “4 Things to Know Before Quitting Your Job to Follow Your Dreams”

From Part-time to Full Time: 4 Ways to Turn a Hobby into a Career

What do you love doing? If the answer to that question involves one of your “hobbies” rather than you regular 9-to-5, then it may be time you do some reevaluating and make a bit of a switch. While there is a lot of pushback right now on transitioning a hobby into a profitable career option, … Continue reading “From Part-time to Full Time: 4 Ways to Turn a Hobby into a Career”

Turning a Writing Hobby into a Full-Fledged Career

Some people go through life and never find what they’re truly passionate about. Others are lucky enough to be able to turn their passion into a career, and I am happy to count myself as one of the lucky ones. My parents used to own a bookstore back when there was no, so it … Continue reading “Turning a Writing Hobby into a Full-Fledged Career”