Career Lessons I learnt from watching MAD MEN

I am sure you have heard about or watched the AMC show Mad Men. The show is set in the 1960s – it is about the lives of executives of a fictional Ad Agency called Sterling Cooper. The show has won numerous accolades for the cast and also depciting historical accuracies. For many who were … Continue reading “Career Lessons I learnt from watching MAD MEN”

Lessons I learnt from Running a Marathon

In 2007 I read a magazine article – it was an interview with John Stanton,the founder of Running Room (Canada’s largest specialty sports retail store). The article was about his success as a Canadian Entrepreneur- how he was able to grow his business from his first store in his garage out of Edmonton to over … Continue reading “Lessons I learnt from Running a Marathon”

The Power of a Peer Group

β€œThe quality of your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group. Choose your peers wisely.” I first heard of this quote in 2008 during a Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” seminar in Toronto. If you haven’t already attended one of his events, you must definitely add that to your … Continue reading “The Power of a Peer Group”

Get more Accomplished with The 12 Week Year

I am sure this has happened to you. You set a brand new goal, you are excited and you start working on that goal or project. Things go great in the first few weeks, you start working on your new goal with newly found enthusiasm – but as time progresses your enthusiasm fades. Sooner or … Continue reading “Get more Accomplished with The 12 Week Year”

12 Must-Haves for your Home Office

From attending business meetings in your pajamas to reducing your carbon footprint with a zero mile commute, there are many advantages of working from home. One of the sweetest perks is being able to deck out your home office in your own personal style. Whether you like to have all the latest tech gear or … Continue reading “12 Must-Haves for your Home Office”

The Joy of Learning

Few years ago, I had a brief meeting with an elderly gentleman and that moment changed my perspective on learning and about life. I was attending a seminar in Toronto – It was after the lunch break, and we were all standing in a line waiting for the doors to open. As I was standing … Continue reading “The Joy of Learning”

6 Biggest Benefits of Working from Home

Whether telecommuting or self-employed, a growing number of American workers do their work from home. Though the work-from-home lifestyle can be fraught with difficulties β€” including longer hours, difficulties in management and collaboration, as well as a greater need for worker self-discipline β€” the rewards for both employees and employers are many. Here are a … Continue reading “6 Biggest Benefits of Working from Home”

6 Reasons why Goal-setting is failing you

I don’t think you need lots of convincing regarding the fact that New Year’s resolutions are not effective – you know what I am talking about – the wishes/hopes/goals that you set at 12.01 AM when the countdown ends and the New Year starts. You convince your inebriated self that this year is going to … Continue reading “6 Reasons why Goal-setting is failing you”

This awesome Chrome App helps me get more done

I am a heavy user of Google Chrome, and I am always on the look out for applications and extensions that would make my Chrome experience more delightful. But one thing I always look for are apps and tools that would make me more productive – help me get more done (without distractions). That’s when … Continue reading “This awesome Chrome App helps me get more done”

Getting in the Zone at work

Has this every happened to you? You need to complete that project and there is a tight deadline ; you sit down to work but can’t get started. Or has this happened to you? – You want to go to the gym but just can’t get yourself to start. Or Even when you step onto … Continue reading “Getting in the Zone at work”