Self Grooming and Learning Is Important To Career Development

Do you look forward to having a successful career? Everyone does! For that, you need to constantly strive for career development. Career development is a continuing process of managing the life, learning new skills, self-grooming and increasing the knowledge. If you want to achieve lifetime career success, you should nurture the attitude of appreciation in … Continue reading “Self Grooming and Learning Is Important To Career Development”

A New Approach to Diversifying the Workforce

It is seemingly common knowledge that diversity in the workforce vastly misrepresents the demographics of the United States population. Over the past few years news headlines have pointed out the deficits in representation of minorities in certain industries, such as the white-male dominated tech sector. What is less known, and certainly does not make headlines … Continue reading “A New Approach to Diversifying the Workforce”

Could Your Organization Be More Organized?

The simple answer is probably ‘yes’. The longer answer isn’t really as complicated and overwhelming as you might imagine. Yes, running a business, whether it’s a large and complex enterprise spanning different nations or a small store sitting on a street corner, is a difficult task. There are many different variables to consider, and it … Continue reading “Could Your Organization Be More Organized?”

#44 – Career Expert Series : Joy C. Lin on Discussing the Inner Game of Job Search

Joy C. Lin is the Founder and Coach of Quarter Life Joy. She coaches professionals to architect a career and life that serves their unique goals and strengths- not just now, but in their lifetime. Her speciality is identifying and building key habits, patterns for peak performance, and instincts for confident decision-making. Through mixed methods … Continue reading “#44 – Career Expert Series : Joy C. Lin on Discussing the Inner Game of Job Search”

6 Top Tips To Improve The Productivity And Efficiency Of Employees

Nowadays, employees are spending an increasing amount of time working in the office, exceeding the typical workweek of up to 40 hours. However, an increase in the amount of hours employees spend in the office, doesn’t necessarily result in an increase in productivity and efficiency. With that in mind, there are several things which an … Continue reading “6 Top Tips To Improve The Productivity And Efficiency Of Employees”

Jobs Where Geekiness is Appreciated

he term geek was once derogatory. It brought to mind someone with glasses, a retainer, and no friends. Someone was often on the receiving end of wedgies or getting slammed into lockers. That’s far from the case now though, as people take pride in their geekiness. Some are even able to put their geekiness to … Continue reading “Jobs Where Geekiness is Appreciated”

4 Ways to Align Productivity with Purpose

Being truly productive goes beyond running around like a busy bee trying to complete as many tasks as possible. Real productivity is not based on quantity; it’s based on meaning and working towards an overall purpose. We can spend our time doing many things, however if they don’t have impact or purpose they are essentially … Continue reading “4 Ways to Align Productivity with Purpose”

Effective Tips to Find A Job Without Any Past Work Experience

Graduation ceremonies are over, the tears and excitement are behind, and now you face the harsh reality – you need to continue your life and find a good job. You struggle with writing a resume (unfortunately, it’s super short – you’ve just completed your university and maybe was involved in some occasional activities), and notice … Continue reading “Effective Tips to Find A Job Without Any Past Work Experience”