#35 – A Day in the Life of Music and Nightlife Marketer – Louie La Vella

Louie La Vella is a Music and Nightlife marketer based out of Canada. In his career, he helps to produce and market large scale events such as concerts and festivals. Louie also works with nightclub owners on a global scale as an event consultant, as well as record labels and musicians helping them to gain … Continue reading “#35 – A Day in the Life of Music and Nightlife Marketer – Louie La Vella”

Photo Opportunities : Starting Your Photography Career

Photo Credit- Pexels.com If you have decided to take a path in a creative sector, there are many options out there for you. The work of a photographer can be demanding, complex and extremely rewarding. Like many creative careers, there is no one way to getting into work as a photographer. It comes down to … Continue reading “Photo Opportunities : Starting Your Photography Career”

It Takes 10000 Hours to Become a Master – Have You Done Yours?

We all think we know about those instant success stories. People who wake up with one brilliant idea that not only changes the world in impressive ways but makes them billionaires overnight. It’s hard to believe… and maybe we shouldn’t believe it at all. When we hear one of those stories, it’s more likely that … Continue reading “It Takes 10000 Hours to Become a Master – Have You Done Yours?”

How to Handle and Negotiate A Counter-offer

  A very important part of salary negotiation is the counter-offer, a tool which can be leveraged by both the employer and the candidate to come to an acceptable amount of compensation which is neither greater than the industry standards nor lower what the candidate actually deserves. While quitting a job is not always the … Continue reading “How to Handle and Negotiate A Counter-offer”

How to Build a Successful Career in Real Estate?

Building a successful career in Real Estate is a combination of a lot of things. It is not only about getting the right education and knowing about the market trends. You will have to find an established broker get introduced to clients, learn the deal insights and also know of the state and national licensing … Continue reading “How to Build a Successful Career in Real Estate?”

Growth in the Healthcare Industry Providing Nurses More Options

The new year has dawned and you are looking ahead to the future. What does your career in healthcare hold? What room is there for advancement or change? Let’s take a look at nursing and career options. As early as 2012, a nurse shortage was predicted. About 1 million new nurse positions will be open … Continue reading “Growth in the Healthcare Industry Providing Nurses More Options”

Understanding Biculturalism in a Professional Context

It may come as a surprise, but most Americans are bicultural (at minimum), according to the Interethnic Proximity Indexsm. If you are bicultural, you identify with two predominant cultures (if you identify with more than two you are multicultural). You may have been raised in a household with Latino parents, for example, within a “traditional” … Continue reading “Understanding Biculturalism in a Professional Context”

Simple Office Upgrades for Enhanced Work Performance

It’s hard to determine what makes a business productive. It’s a mix of motivation provided by the management team and the environment in which the work is done. This means both the gadgets and utilities a company possess and interaction between coworkers. The former part of this equation often gets overlooked, because it seems like … Continue reading “Simple Office Upgrades for Enhanced Work Performance”