Making Better Use of Your Time : How to Delegate At Work

It took years of 10-hour days, training courses, taking on extra responsibilities and sacrificing lunch breaks, but all the hard work has finally paid off. You’ve climbed the career ladder to dizzying heights and now that you’re the one in charge, you’re struggling to relinquish control. You got to where you are by doing an … Continue reading “Making Better Use of Your Time : How to Delegate At Work”

Getting Back Into The Job Market For The First Time In Years

If you haven’t looked for a job in years, you might find that your experience alone isn’t enough to carry you to your next role. Especially if you’re looking to move into another career entirely. But that doesn’t mean your skills and your personality traits aren’t enough. Rather, it’s all about how you best display … Continue reading “Getting Back Into The Job Market For The First Time In Years”

#42 – Career Expert Series : Paul Ames – The Skye is the Limit

Paul Ames is the founder of Skye’s The Limit Career Counseling. After experiencing a lack of direction earlier in life, and finding himself to be an easy person to connect with, Paul decided to become a career counselor to help others avoid the same lack of direction he faced. Paul started his business because he … Continue reading “#42 – Career Expert Series : Paul Ames – The Skye is the Limit”

Are AI and Robotics Taking Over Our Workforce?

Automation has the potential to transform industries. Untiring and efficient, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) can replace human workers, thus creating economic dislocation. Unlike humans who are prone to mistakes and ailments of the flesh, machines can be programmed to perform a task and will do so without stopping. They increase productivity, improve quality and … Continue reading “Are AI and Robotics Taking Over Our Workforce?”

Which Office Stereotype Are You?

Regardless of what industry we work in, office culture is something which we all have to get used to. Sitting at the same desk from 9 till 5 is something that many people experience Monday to Friday, so it’s important we are able to get comfortable with our surroundings. Undoubtedly, one of the most difficult … Continue reading “Which Office Stereotype Are You?”

5 Tips to Make Your Resume Pop

When it comes to constructing a resume, there is no doubt – content is king. However, if your resume is ugly, your potential value to a company might be unclear or could even go unnoticed by the hiring manager (because they’ve already binned your application). Don’t neglect the visual element of resume building. Clever formatting … Continue reading “5 Tips to Make Your Resume Pop”

21st Century Workplace Changes and Challenges

The workplace has continually changed and adapted throughout history, but the technological boom of the 21st century has accelerated this change enormously. Many companies have struggled to adapt to change, and the world of business really is all about survival of the fittest. Those that aren’t ready to adapt risk becoming extinct. Here are just … Continue reading “21st Century Workplace Changes and Challenges”

Does Your Resume Pass the Scan Test? Write it Like a Newspaper and it Will!

The term “resume reading” should be obsolete in today’s job market. Given that the average reader spends between six and 20 seconds on the first pass, we should really refer to it as “resume scanning.” While the idea of scanning versus reading a resume may be terrifying – understanding where our eyes dart and making … Continue reading “Does Your Resume Pass the Scan Test? Write it Like a Newspaper and it Will!”