How Do I Improve Workplace Productivity With Physical Fitness?

Workplace productivity is one of the major concerns for people in their jobs today. How active and productive you are at work determines your status and pay. Hence, it is essential that we do all we can to improve our performance at work. Unfortunately, most people in the workplace are fatigued and perform below their … Continue reading “How Do I Improve Workplace Productivity With Physical Fitness?”

8 Ideas for Hiring People with Sound Technical Knowledge

Hiring sound technical employees is most important to almost every business organization’s success. Well, talking about “great technical employees” we do not just mean mechanical, electrical or software engineers. Since hiring sound technical employees is not just about employing people who are deeply ingrained in building the technology itself, but it is also about hiring … Continue reading “8 Ideas for Hiring People with Sound Technical Knowledge”

3 Ways to Stand Out as an Intern

Whether you’re just starting out in your career, or have decided to pursue a new direction work wise, it is important to get as much experience and knowledge as you can, as soon as you can. A great way to go about doing this, and to also get your foot in the door at companies you’d … Continue reading “3 Ways to Stand Out as an Intern”

How to Avoid Age Discrimination During Your Job Search?

Times are difficult for people over 40 years of age when it comes to looking for a job. Not only do employers ask you for huge amounts of references and professional experience, they also look at you as a liability. The sad fact of the matter is that people are reluctant towards hiring a senior … Continue reading “How to Avoid Age Discrimination During Your Job Search?”

How to Get Started at Your First Job?- An Instruction Manual

Congratulations! You’ve got your first job, and now your first day is approaching and you can’t wait to get started. Or can you? It’s not unusual to feel anxious ahead of starting any new gig, let alone your first one – indeed, it’s good if you’re nervous because it shows that you care. But that … Continue reading “How to Get Started at Your First Job?- An Instruction Manual”

12 Tips to Set & Achieve Your Goals in 2018

Whether professional, family or in a hobby – we all have goals in life that we want to achieve. This can be the chief item in the company, but also a smaller project, such as a sports program to go through. The question with regard to short and long-term goals is of course: How do I … Continue reading “12 Tips to Set & Achieve Your Goals in 2018”

#75 – Career Expert Series – Isaac Morehouse

For Episode 75 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Isaac Morehouse Guest Introduction – Isaac Morehouse Isaac describes his career path and what he noticed throughout his time working in and around higher education organizations. He noticed that something was amiss between students leaving higher education and looking for work, and the employers who … Continue reading “#75 – Career Expert Series – Isaac Morehouse”

The Basics Of Peer-To-Peer Recognition Programs

A happy workforce is a productive workforce, as most managers and HR professionals know. In recent years, numerous startup companies have grabbed attention by using some unusual methods to create a happier workforce. They’ve experimented with unorthodox ideas such as unlimited vacation time. These companies have also created more flexible workspaces and gone overboard with … Continue reading “The Basics Of Peer-To-Peer Recognition Programs”