The Top 5 Tips for Preparing for Your Interview

When it comes to preparing for job interviews, there are a few things you can remember that will help you feel ready and comfortable when it comes time to do the interview. By following these three simple steps for preparing for your interview, you will go in ready and make the best first impression: 1. … Continue reading “The Top 5 Tips for Preparing for Your Interview”

Struggling to Find a Job? Use These 6 Tips!

Nearly everyone has faced the challenge of job hunting, especially those who lack in experience when first starting out. There are many reasons why someone has trouble finding a job, and it may seem hopeless and impossible at times. Fortunately, there are tons of resources out there to help people find jobs, learn skills, and get … Continue reading “Struggling to Find a Job? Use These 6 Tips!”

Why a Personal SWOT Analysis will Help Your Career Growth

Individuals that are interested in improving their mindset, skills, and traits are usually prone to succeed. Personal development is a mandatory process in case you’re looking to create a better personal and professional life. Mediocre people usually don’t have big ambitions. Therefore, personal development could be a strange concept for them. If you’re reading this … Continue reading “Why a Personal SWOT Analysis will Help Your Career Growth”

Why You Should Consider A Career In The Public Sector

The public vs. private sector debate is a long-standing one that has seen a lot of discourse over the years, each side seeing their fair share of both disparaging and uplifting stances. It would be difficult to boil it all down into one digestible chunk, but the basic idea of their differences is that private … Continue reading “Why You Should Consider A Career In The Public Sector”

How to Optimize Your Job Posts for Maximum Exposure

On any given day, how many people are really looking for work? The interest—or lack thereof—might surprise you. Of people who have jobs, nearly two-thirds are perfectly OK where they are. But that leaves a lot of qualified candidates who might consider working for you on the sidelines—unless you figure out how to adjust your … Continue reading “How to Optimize Your Job Posts for Maximum Exposure”

A Day in The Life of A SEO Specialist

SEO professionals are responsible for the mammoth task of ensuring a raging organic search visibility, amidst a fast changing environment. They must remain abreast of the latest developments in the field and continuously learn new things; meaning that there is virtually no margin for a drop in attention. On a daily basis, SEO professionals have … Continue reading “A Day in The Life of A SEO Specialist”

How to Use Social Media to Find Employees

Social media platforms are used as marketing platforms but hiring managers and recruiters are turning to them to find talent too. With millions of people using social media like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, on a daily basis, they have easily become great tools to use when hiring your next potential employee. It’s not only easy … Continue reading “How to Use Social Media to Find Employees”

3 Networking Tips One Must Learn For Your Career

Networking is essential in this day and age. If you are a job seeker, no matter how many certifications/degrees you have or experience you have, you will have a difficult time before you could land a job in the desired role. There are exceptions to the above rule but mainly such a thing happens. We … Continue reading “3 Networking Tips One Must Learn For Your Career”

Is Telecommuting the New Work Trend?

Our works are constantly changing – not only are new job descriptions constantly popping up and replacing old jobs, the way we work is changing and transforming our societies and lives. When it comes to these changing work trends, telecommuting is clearly at the centre of it all. What is telecommuting?  Telecommuting is sometimes referred … Continue reading “Is Telecommuting the New Work Trend?”

So You Want To Be An Event Planner?

These days, many people have realized that the field of event planning is an exciting career sector to pursue. If this is the case for you, now is the time to gain more information about what steps you’ll need to take in order to enter this field and thrive within it. You can use some … Continue reading “So You Want To Be An Event Planner?”