What mindset you need to advance your Career?

http://www.careerealism.com/business-owner-advance-career/ Thanks to Andy Robinson and careerealism.com for the original article. The above website has tons of great ideas and insights. This article is one of my favourite. I once heard that Success is 80% Psychological , it is all about the mindset. No matter what job you do , the most important you can … Continue reading “What mindset you need to advance your Career?”

How to best Prepare for your Job Interview?

http://theundercoverrecruiter.com/how-best-prepare-your-job-interview/ Thanks to Jorgen Sundberg and theundercoverrecruiter.com for the original article. This article is a simple read. It showcases what are some of the common things to ensure or avoid to ace your interview. Eventhough, most of it sounds like common sense, I am surprised to see how many people are poorly prepared for their … Continue reading “How to best Prepare for your Job Interview?”

How do Recruiters work?

http://www.gethirednow.com/articles/interview_recruiter.shtml Thanks to Frank Traditi and gethirednow.com for the original article. This is an interesting article. There are lots of good elements. Here’s why you should read this article KEY POINTS Talks about how Recruiters work, how they can benefit you How you can make yourself memorable to a recruiter? They can be a great … Continue reading “How do Recruiters work?”

What about those awkward moments in a Job Interview?

http://www.beyond.com/articles/awkward-interview-recovery-tips-13692-article.html Thanks to Jeffrey T. McCormack and beyond.com for the original article. Have you had those moments in an interview, where you were thrown off-guard, and you were not expecting that. You lost your flow. This articles highlights some things to watch for. Those awkward moments.. it happens to the best of us KEY POINTS … Continue reading “What about those awkward moments in a Job Interview?”

How to create your own Job Security?

http://ca.drakeintl.com/media/344469/infosheet-15-en.pdf Thanks to Drake International for the original article. This article is reminder to all of us that we should actively be managing our careers. We should be proactive. One of my previous bosses once told me “When you are doing a particular job, you should act as and work as if you are working … Continue reading “How to create your own Job Security?”

Different ways to look at your Job Hunting?

http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/dr-gerry-som/job-hunting-tips-canada_b_2440453.html Thanks to Dr.Gerry Som and huffingtonpost.ca for the original article. I love this article. There are so many unconventional, yet time-tested and conventional ideas to Job Hunting – they all work. I was fascinated how the author compared Job Hunting similar to dating. KEY POINTS (Top Favorites) Dedicate time (Spend 12 hours a day) … Continue reading “Different ways to look at your Job Hunting?”

Top Resume Tips for the New Year 2014

http://www.greatresumesfast.com/blog/2013/12/08/best-resume-tips-2014/#! Thanks to Jessica Holbrook Hernandez and greatresumesfast.com for the original article. This article showcases some great ideas on Resume Writing. I think the ideas are outside the box and unique. A definite MUST-READ. KEY POINTS Create a MASTER RESUME – keep it somewhere where you can easily find it, and edit it every year. … Continue reading “Top Resume Tips for the New Year 2014”