5.1 Benefits of Learning A New Language

According to Ethonologue, there are about 7100 Languages in the world today. That is 7009 more languages than English . With the world being more connected, there are more advantages for you to improve your linguistic skills than ever before. English is still (and will continue) to be the highest spoken language in the world. … Continue reading “5.1 Benefits of Learning A New Language”

The Art of Getting More LinkedIn Recommendations

You have spent a few hours working on your LinkedIn Profile, you have added a professional picture, updated your work history, skills,projects,etc. You have also spent time expanding your connections on LinkedIn & growing your network. Great job so far!! One of the most overlooked features of LinkedIn is the Recommendations section. Your past colleagues,customers … Continue reading “The Art of Getting More LinkedIn Recommendations”

Create a Compelling LinkedIn Headline

Ever picked up a book with a bad title? Ever walked into a shop in a mall that had a poorly displayed entrance? Ever read a newspaper article that did not grab your attention? Most people have limited attention spans, we are constantly bombarded with new information. It is important to grab people’s attention quickly. … Continue reading “Create a Compelling LinkedIn Headline”

Embrace the Suck

  I just finished reading this book “The Navy Seal Art of War: Leadership Lessons from the World’s Most Elite Fighting Force.” How can you not pick up a book about the Navy Seals? If you are like me and like machismo movies – the movies about Navy Seals would definitely be something you truly … Continue reading “Embrace the Suck”

Your LinkedIn Profile Must Have a Professional Picture

If you are a professional in North America, there is a high probability that you have a LinkedIn profile. And it is growing rapidly attracting more users globally. With 380 Million users, LinkedIn is rapidly growing and has established itself as the go-to place for Networking, Business Insights and Thought Leadership. And not to forget, … Continue reading “Your LinkedIn Profile Must Have a Professional Picture”

Why You Should Be Writing Even If You Suck At It

For ages, writing has been confined to the select few – journalists, authors, professors,scholars, etc. You had to be some one with the right credentials or have the right platform to be some type of an author/publisher/writer. But the Internet has changed everything. With the explosion of the Internet- there has been a sudden influx … Continue reading “Why You Should Be Writing Even If You Suck At It”

The One Degree Shift

Recently I finished reading the book “Double Your Income doing what you love” by Raymond Aaron. The ideas in the book were very refreshing and original. Some of the ideas were different to what you typically read in other self-help books. However, one idea really hit home with me. The idea resonated with me a … Continue reading “The One Degree Shift”

Ace Your Next Job Interview with these tips

You have passed the online psychometric tests, your resume stands out, you have completed the phone screening with HR, and now you get the news you have been waiting for “We would like you to come in for an interview to meet with the Hiring Manager”. Although things don’t always happen in the order as … Continue reading “Ace Your Next Job Interview with these tips”