What are some Pitfalls to avoid during your Job Hunting?

http://www.careerbliss.com/advice/4-scary-pitfalls-job-seekers-face/ Thanks to Josh Tolan and careerbliss.com for the original article. This article in the link above provides some reminders, and also key things that can be overlooked during your job search. KEY POINTS Social Media – Here is the rule of thumb I use when posting something on Social Media. I always ask “What … Continue reading “What are some Pitfalls to avoid during your Job Hunting?”

What are the HOTTEST skills that will get you Hired?

http://blog.linkedin.com/2013/12/18/the-25-hottest-skills-that-got-people-hired-in-2013/ Thanks to Sohan Murthy and LinkedIn Blog for this original article. This article was recently released. LinkedIn released the 25 Hottest skills that got people hired in 2013. Most of the skills are IT or Technology related. That just shows that the market is booming both is US and Canada. CALL TO ACTION The … Continue reading “What are the HOTTEST skills that will get you Hired?”

How to Speed-Up your Job Hunting?

http://jobsearch.about.com/b/2013/12/18/job-search-engine.htm http://jobsearch.about.com/od/jobsearchengines/a/jobsearchengine.htm Thanks to Alison Doyle and jobsearch.about.com for the original articles. Don’t we all love Google. Type in anything and it helps you find it. Same goes for YouTube which helps us find the video(s) that we are looking for. And now they have come up with search engines for Job Search, instead of … Continue reading “How to Speed-Up your Job Hunting?”

How to increase your odds of getting a Job Promotion?

http://blog.brazencareerist.com/2013/11/22/10-steps-that-will-help-you-earn-that-big-promotion/ Thanks to brazencareerist.com and Greg Bentley for this original article. Great article. Lots of good points. If you are that ambitious and driven professional who wants to take your career to the next level, definitely read this article on the link above. KEY POINTS Mindset and Attitude – First of all you need to … Continue reading “How to increase your odds of getting a Job Promotion?”

How to make your Job Hunting more controllable and manageable?

http://www.absolutelyabby.com/closing/job-seekers-gps.html Thanks Abby Kohut and absolutelyabby.com for the original article. This article talks some simple steps to make your job search a little less daunting. The analogy of the GPS is excellent. A GPS in our car takes us to where we want to go. The only way we can apply this to your Job … Continue reading “How to make your Job Hunting more controllable and manageable?”

Interview Question – “WHAT WAS YOUR LAST SALARY?”

https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20131217070749-52594-how-to-answer-the-question-what-was-your-last-salary?trk=tod-home-art-list-large_0 Great Article – very unique!! I strongly recommend this website www.humanworkplace.com. They have got some unique tips and ideas. This particular article talks about that one topic we all hate/are uncomfortable answering. “How much did you make in your last job?“ KEY POINTS The wages or income have not necessarily risen over the last … Continue reading “Interview Question – “WHAT WAS YOUR LAST SALARY?””

How to stay motivated during your Job search?

http://www.abetterinterview.com/5-ways-keep-motivated-looking-new-job/ Thanks to Elena Manighetti and abetterinterview.com for the original article. Excellent Article! Job search could be a challenging and mentally draining endeavor. This article gives some ideas and recommendations on how to stay motivated and keep pushing in the pursuit of our ideal jobs. KEY POINTS Don’t slow down – sometimes things don’t happen … Continue reading “How to stay motivated during your Job search?”

What mindset you need to advance your Career?

http://www.careerealism.com/business-owner-advance-career/ Thanks to Andy Robinson and careerealism.com for the original article. The above website has tons of great ideas and insights. This article is one of my favourite. I once heard that Success is 80% Psychological , it is all about the mindset. No matter what job you do , the most important you can … Continue reading “What mindset you need to advance your Career?”