How to be MORE Productive at Work? Excellent article from Some tips to enhance your productivity at work. We spend 8 to 10 hours of our waking day at work, it is important to take advantage of all the time. Maximizing our time there, helps us take our careers to the next level KEY POINTS PLANNING – We all have … Continue reading “How to be MORE Productive at Work?”

How can a Personal Project help you with your Job Hunting? Thanks to David Bolton and for the original article. Even though this above link/article is more catered towards IT Professionals, there are some key insights for each one of us. KEY POINTS Show Passion for your Profession – Employers always like to hire candidates who show passion for their profession. The best way … Continue reading “How can a Personal Project help you with your Job Hunting?”

Why are Soft-Skills Important? Very good article in the above link. It talks about the value and importance of Interpersonal Skills for your Job Search and Career Success. KEY POINTS What Soft-Skills? Employers always look for these soft-skills in their potential employees – Effective Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, etc. HARD/TECHNICAL SKILLS will Land you the Interview, but the … Continue reading “Why are Soft-Skills Important?”

How to Sharpen Your Job Hunting Skills?

The key thing that stands out for me from the above link/article is that Don’t play the victim. We can’t blame the economy or other outside influences for our plight of being unemployed. Gainful Employment is always available to those who master the skill of Job Hunting KEY POINTS MAKE IT A PERSONAL CHALLENGE – … Continue reading “How to Sharpen Your Job Hunting Skills?”

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How to take control of your Career? Thanks to for the original article. It is no more just about a Job and making a living, it has to be about building a successful and long-lasting career. KEY POINTS Introspection – When was the last time you stopped to ask yourself about your career? Maybe you had those aspirations before you … Continue reading “How to take control of your Career?”

What you should Research before a Job Interview?–interview-advice/3958/what-should-you-research-before-an-interview?utm_content=buffer7ae86&utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=linkedin&utm_campaign=Buffer Thanks to 2nd City Resourcing and for the original article on Interview Preparation. We all have heard and we know that we should research well before attending a Job Interview. But what do you research on? This article gives some key insights. Use this on your next interview KEY POINTS Sometimes an Interview … Continue reading “What you should Research before a Job Interview?”