These are The Most In-demand Jobs in Dubai

Being a global financial hub and home to some of the best business organizations, Dubai is one city that never ceases to develop and grow. It offers tremendous job opportunities and attracts talents from all over the world. It is a known fact that the major chunk of the population living in the United Arab … Continue reading “These are The Most In-demand Jobs in Dubai”

Freelancing Insights for the New Workforce

The freelancing profession has grown exponentially over the past few years; according to Freelancers Union nearly 53 million Americans are doing freelance work—that’s more than one-third of American workers. With demand for freelance work increasing, it’s estimated that a full 40% of the U.S. workforce will be joining this disruptive community by 2020, and it’s … Continue reading “Freelancing Insights for the New Workforce”

5 Social Networks to Disrupt the Job Application Process

Online job applications are yesterday’s tool. It’s like fax machines. We use them if there is no other way to send a message. Today’s modern job search is about standing out, and not complying with old processes where you appear as one of the crowd. To succeed, you have to disrupt the normal flow of … Continue reading “5 Social Networks to Disrupt the Job Application Process”

5 Ways To Boost Your Entry-Level CV

Writing your first CV can be a challenge. It’s tough to know exactly what you should include and your lack of work experience makes it even harder. So StandOut CV have created this handy infographic showing 5 ways you can boost your junior level CV. The first step to CV success landing some work experience … Continue reading “5 Ways To Boost Your Entry-Level CV”

Top 10 Tips to Make a Best Selling Resume

The process of the job application is a pretty tense one, at least in the beginning. As soon as you see an advertisement for a job you would like, you pen a letter and with it, you attach a version of yourself in an envelope and hope for that call informing you of the interview … Continue reading “Top 10 Tips to Make a Best Selling Resume”

Foster Parenting as a Career Choice

There a comes a point for a lot of people where they reach a stage in their career when they start thinking about new career paths they could explore. Many think about starting their own business, or finally taking a shot at their childhood dream. But what if your career choice could fulfil another child’s … Continue reading “Foster Parenting as a Career Choice”

Certifications That Add Value To Your Resume Before Placements

A college degree can be a good base for a job interview, but you need some sugar on the bread before applying for a job. Certification can be a good area to explore before the placement season, because they highlight your area of interest and add actual value to your skills. This doesn’t mean that … Continue reading “Certifications That Add Value To Your Resume Before Placements”

Struggling With Your CV Relevance? Give It To Professionals!

We understand how it can get too stressful for job seekers to apply alongside a growing number of applicants trying to win the same job these days. Needless to say, job seeking has become very competitive that applicants now recognize the advantage of having a professionally written CV that will stand out in a pool … Continue reading “Struggling With Your CV Relevance? Give It To Professionals!”

Does Coffee Really Make You More Productive at Work

Can we survive without coffee? Some of us say we are unable to survive without our morning cuppa as it makes us feel revitalised and motivated for the day. As a nation of coffee lovers we taste coffee in so many varieties with espressos, cappuccinos and frappuccinos and some even come with a shot of … Continue reading “Does Coffee Really Make You More Productive at Work”