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If you consider yourself a people person, it’s a quality that you shouldn’t let go to waste. If you are a people person, or an extrovert, chances are that you’re talkative, friendly, outgoing, and action-oriented. You like to communicate by talking, don’t like to spend too much time alone, and you enjoy being at the center of attention.

The good thing about being a people person is that you open so many doors for yourself.

Here are some career suggestions that will get you started on your job search and make you feel right at home in working with people.

1. Sales

A salesperson must have strong people skills for success. Have you ever heard someone say that a good salesperson can ” sell ice to an Eskimo”, meaning that they can sell something to someone who clearly doesn’t need it? That saying may be true, but it also feeds into the misconception that salespeople only care about themselves.

A good salesperson must care about their customers to be successful. He or she should know what the customer will need and what product will benefit them the most. You must develop good interpersonal relationships with your customer to know what they’re looking for. You should also have a charming personality so your customers can grow to know and trust you.

The good thing about sales is that you have to know a product well to sell it, making you an expert. Whatever field you’re interested in, be it education, science, or medicine, there’s a way you can use sales skills whether you’re promoting a service or a product.

2. Public Relations

Public relations professionals must build relationships, negotiate, and apply customer service. They must work with journalists and other media outlets to make sure their clients have the best image possible. They complete press releases and media kits to send to journalists so they will promote the client in the right way.

They must also have good public speaking skills when they organize and speak and press conferences when needed. At these press conferences, the professional does more than just read press releases, but they must answer questions and engage in conversations with news media.

If a crisis involving their client arises, they need to provide a quick and positive responses to protect reputations.

3. Counseling

Counselors can enter many different specializations including helping adults or children with their mental health issues, helping people to choose a career, helping people to overcome substance abuse issues, or much more. Many people are seeking the aid of counselors, meaning that the job expectancy will be steady for quite a while.

You can become a child counselor and help children to overcome the problems they have to face today. Child counselors perform assessments for conditions such as ADHD and counseling for children with mental, behavioral, and emotional issues.

If a child is suffering from emotional issues resulting from peer pressure at school, you can use your creative skills to come up with peer pressure activities for kids to help them through their problems. As a child or school counselor, you would find resources that will help children cope with issues of growing up.

If you’d rather work with adults, the possibilities are endless. You can specialize in counseling services for the elderly by identifying and assessing issues that will help senior citizens and their families cope with changing situations. You can work as a grief counselor and help clients of all ages cope with death.

From a military perspective, you can counsel veterans on readjusting to civilian life or active-duty members of the armed forces with issues in military life.

4. Healthcare

There are far too many possibilities to help people in the healthcare industry to list here. The most popular choices in medicine are work as a doctor or nurse, but there are many other areas to help people.

Your options include physical therapy, pharmacist, emergency medical technician, speech-language pathology, dental hygienist, and much more.

To be successful in the healthcare industry, you must be empathetic with good interpersonal skills. You’ll be working with people at some of the most difficult times of their lives. They will look to you as a support system, no matter where in their medical journey they’re meeting you.

Unfortunately, the need for healthcare professionals will continue to grow as generations grow older. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment of healthcare professionals is expected to grow 19 percent through 2024. If you have strong desire to help people and their families, you will find your niche in the healthcare industry.

If you’re a people person, there are so many directions you can go in to find careers that involve helping people. From working in community service as a counselor, providing the public with what they need through sales, protecting reputations in public relations, or saving lives directly in the healthcare profession, you can put your natural interpersonal skills to good use.

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