5 Personal Branding Myths Job Seekers Should Ignore

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Job opportunities don’t come when you wait. You need to work hard for it. That’s why personal branding is vital. It’s what you’re known for. If you have a terrific branding, it can open a lot of opportunities, like better contacts and jobs. 

Having an excellent personal brand can help you in achieving your career goals and exceeding your career expectations. But there’s a downside to the personal brand movement. That is, a lot of myths have grown, and some job seekers are embracing them without knowing it. 

In this post, let’s unlearn those common personal branding myths that job seekers still believe. 

1. I don’t need a web presence

Social media has changed the recruitment industry. More and more hiring managers are using social media sites to look for talents.

According to a survey, the majority of hiring managers are using LinkedIn to get in touch with their job candidates. 

So, if you avoid the digital space, you’d miss a lot of job opportunities. But just because you need to be active doesn’t mean you need to tweet everything that you wish to share. 

Instead, opt to share relevant content. 

The main goal of having a web presence is to allow those hiring managers to find you. 

2. My reputation is already my personal brand

Your personal brand isn’t what you say about yourself. Rather, it’s about what other people are saying what your brand is.

​Your reputation won’t be the same brand you have online and vice versa. For example, if you’re deemed as hard working individual, people online might not see it that way.

​Thus, you need to re-brand yourself. In that way, hiring managers who are looking at your social media profiles would believe you. 

3. It’s late for me to re-brand myself

Re-branding isn’t easy. For some people, it can be scary. 

However, it isn’t impossible to re-brand yourself. It takes time and effort. But it’s possible. 

You may have heard of people shifting their careers. An executive at a law firm could quit his job to become a hypnotherapist. 

Shifting career isn’t just a walk in the park. But it can be done. Hence, if you wish to do something new, you must do it now. 

4. My personal brand is about my career

It’s true that personal brand is about you and your career. But it’s not limited to your professional advancement. 

People want to work with you if you have a positive personal brand. That is, how you communicate with people and how people enjoy working with you. People need a leader, whom they can enjoy going to work every day.

5. My image is already my personal brand

Your personal brand isn’t something that’s seen and said. Instead, it goes deeper into authentic expressions of your values, contribution, and purpose. 

And they must be backed up by action. Your personal brand is discovered and not conceived. 

Your brand is anything that people say about you when you’re not around. These days, access to information to anyone is just a few mouse clicks. Thus, managing your personal brand must be your priority if you’re seeking a job.

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