6 Personal Development Habits to Help with Your Career Growth

Sometimes you feel stuck in your career and seem to be clueless about where you are going. Its time you need to work upon yourself  which would eventually lead to  growth  in your career . Following are some points one needs to remember:

1. Becoming aware of yourself

 It is very important to know yourself. Awareness about your strengths, weaknesses, skills, interests etc., helps you to understand your emotions. For this you need to sometimes reflect and jot it down on  paper. It also means accepting yourself the way you are and then deciding how you can change yourself for better.

​Take care of yourself spiritually. Sometimes we tend to get frustrated with our failures.

​It’s very natural, but if we reflect on the events and try to figure out where we went wrong and accept our shortcomings and work upon them ,the next time our performance would be better. Most of the time we do not accept our shortcomings which hinders our personal growth.

2. Developing emotional intelligence

The term emotional intelligence refers to recognizing  your emotions as well as others emotions. It requires individuals to be aware of their emotions and effectively express them toward others. By doing a self evaluation and reflecting on how we react in stressful situations helps to develop our emotional intelligence.

​Empathy and self regulation  are core to this phenomena. It helps boost  your personal as well professional life. An emotional intelligent person is successful in his personal as well as professional life. Developing emotional intelligence, though not an easy task, can over a period of time lead one  to a better  relationship at home and at work. 

​As you will be in a position to understand your emotions as well as other’s emotions , it would be easier for you to manage your stress or any stressful situation.    

3. Positive networking 

Networking, a  very common word these days. Meeting different people surely helps in our personal as well as professional life. But at the same time it is very important to be cautious of who  we  are  networking with.  People with positive attitude and optimism induce positive energy in people around them.

​Networking with such people helps in our personal growth. On the  other side there are people who are just the opposite. The sooner you get rid of those negative elements around you the better it is for your personal growth.    

4. Setting priorities in life

There a lot  many things we can do and want to do but sometimes we need to do away with few. It is always good to set priorities in life and sticking to it. When it comes to developing yourself, health is one of the most important aspect which we often neglect until we start seeing signs of it.  There goes the old saying ‘a sound mind in a sound body’.

​A good health is the biggest asset of life.  If your health is good, it’s easier to focus on other aspects like your family and career.  Giving more attention to what you eat and a bit of exercise is surely going to pay in the long run. 

​Another very important aspect is your close relationships.  It is equally important to manage your personal  relationship .  Spending time with your family members especially the elderly ones. And of course your career ! 

5. Working on your communication skills 

For some people communicating in  the right manner with different people is not easy. It is important to know who we are talking to  and how.  Getting at the level of our listeners helps our ideas to be received the desired way. Sometimes we have a plethora of ideas in our mind but when it comes to presenting it to others it might lack clarity and sometimes  confusing .

​Articulating your ideas so that it is convincing and impressive to  others  is sure to get you success in your personal  and professional  spheres.  

6. Respecting and admiring cultural diversity

 An essential  aspect  for better team work  in a multicultural setting. We all are brought up with certain set of values which we tend to adhere to lifelong. These set of values are culture specific and are very different across cultures. Certain workplaces consists of people from different ethnic background, language, traditions etc.

​Respecting others values helps us in our personal growth, which eventually  leads  to better team work at workplace hence more productivity.   

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Rafat Aara works as a faculty member at MANUU, India . She teaches professional development to post graduate students and is associated as an independent consultant with Oxfam India. 

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