A professional life has a code of conduct that you have to follow to ensure compliance with work ethics. The surprising fact is that a great proportion of fresh grads and experienced employees are unaware about certain disciplines that are essential in maintaining discipline and professionalism in an organization.

Keeping in mind the critical role of professionalism in a workplace, we present here 5 things you should never say at work:

1.“That’s not my job…”

Every employer looks for employees who have a ‘can-do’ attitude. They prefer working with employees who can proactively perform their role and contribute to the progress of the company. The negative connotation of the word ‘not’ disgraces you in the eyes of the employer and he tends to lose faith in you.

Rather than saying, “That’s not my job”, you should say, “Sure, I’ll try my best to do it. It would be exciting to do such a challenging task.”

This will create the impression that you have the courage to say yes to projects that challenge your limits and the employer will likely to consider you for the important role that calls for a winning attitude.

2. “I hate my job…”

No matter how backbreaking your job is, you are not expected to abuse your work. Using such words not only disgrace the job but also hurt feelings of the many workers who are doing the similar job.

This is also not good for your own growth and questions your candidacy for the profession. I mean, how come you do justice to a profession that you hate. Even if you happen to be a misfit for a job, it is better to switch your job rather than offending your co-workers and employer by using inappropriate words.

3. “It’s just not fair…”

At times, employees feel unappreciated for their work. But that doesn’t mean that you start saying nasty things about your organization. Such an attitude is often manifested when one of your workers get a promotion or a pay raise. However, it is totally uncool to resort to negative behaviour if one of your co-workers gets acknowledgment from your employer.

Instead, you need to congratulate them and wait for your turn. You need to take inspiration from your co-worker and take it as a challenge to outdo your peers. Remember that professional jealousy leads to bad behavior, while a winning attitude leads to healthy competition.

So rather than using foul language against your employer, you should work harder to supersede the others who are competing with you in the workplace.

4. “I don’t like training…”

Skills development programs play a significant role to earn endless opportunities in the working world. If you won’t engage in training opportunities that are provided by your firm, then you’ll definitely lag behind your counterparts.

Thus you should participate in every learning opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge in a proactive way. Else you will definitely miss out a worthwhile opportunity that could help you climb the career ladder.

5. “It’s Not My Mistake…”

Avoid saying these words when you did something wrong. It is a good thing to own your mistakes and overcome them with determination. According to a recent survey, it is revealed that employees who work on their mistakes develop a problem-solving approach and find quick solutions to their problems.

Therefore, you too can turn your weaknesses into strengths by owning your mistakes and rectify them in future. So, instead of blaming others, you should work on your flaws in order to evolve as a professional.

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