Episode 016 – Expert Series : Ron Tsang – From Presentation to Standing Ovation


Ron TsangFor This Episode of The Expert Series – we will be hearing from Ron Tsang.

Ron Tsang is the Author of Amazon.ca #1 Best-Seller – From Presentation to Standing Ovation.

This Episode will help you learn a multi-pronged approach to crafting and delivering effective speeches. Ron Tsang also covers his story-telling formula, that will make your message more relatable and connect with wider audiences.

Episode Summary

  1. Why Story-telling is important whether you are delivery speeches in front of an audience, or in front of a hiring manager during a job interview.
  2. The 10-step (The 10 Cs) Formula for crafting effective stories.
  3. Why you need to speak up more often? The more you speak up – you will improve your chances of being more promotable.
  4. How to physically prepare before your big speech or job interview?
  5. Mental warm-ups and exercises you can use to be more confident before delivering speeches.

To learn more about Ron Tsang, you can connect with him on Social Media.

For more information on Ron’s Award-winning book click here.








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