#39 - A Day in the Life of A Podcaster – Scott Doucet

Scott Doucet is a Podcast host, consultant and producer. With a background in radio, music, and sales, Scott is keen to help podcasters and aspiring podcasters make their shows stand out from the rest. Co-founder of the Facebook group, the Podcast Discovery Center, and host of Podcast Bay.

Scott spends the majority of his time educating himself and others about what makes a solid podcast.

#39 - A Day in the Life of A Podcaster – Scott Doucet

Episode Summary 

1. Scott talks a little bit about who he is, what he does, and how he found podcasting.

2. Scott gives an inside look at his day to day activities. 

3. He highlights what he loves and what he finds challenging within the world of podcasting. 

4. Scott talks about the best place to start with podcasting and discusses the level of education required. 

5. He talks about the importance of having multiple revenue streams and what careers are available in podcasting. 

6. Scott leaves off with a final piece of advice for all podcasters.


“My biggest goal is just to build as many strong relationships as possible instead of just collecting people in a network”.

“I noticed a pain point, I noticed people were willing to pay for it and I went ahead and said ‘ alright, let me take that off of your hands’”.

“On any day you can meet one person or you can meet ten people and they’re all extremely amazing people and you don’t know their role, that pivotal moment they’re going to come in and change your entire life”.

“You don’t need a fancy title or degree to get started”.

“Take the time, learn the craft, get to know your listeners and then get them what they need”.


To learn more about Scott Doucet visit his website Podcast Bay. You can also connect with him on Facebook on his pages – Scott Doucet & Podcast Bay; and also his Twitter Page.

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