For Episode 97 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will learn about: 

A Day in the Life of a VOICE ACTOR from our guest Evan Schmitt.

#97 - A Day In The Life Of A Voice Actor - Evan Schmitt

Guest Introduction – Evan Schmitt

Evan Schmitt is a voice actor by profession. Evan got his first start in voice overs when he was young and making films. He narrated his own films at first, and then in College started showing an interest in audio and vocal performance.

Episode Summary 

1. Evan begins by telling the story of how he became a voice actor, which developed over time into his side business.

2. Evan also goes into detail about what a voice actor is, what the job entails, and the surprising places that voice acting is used in our day to day lives.

3. Evan describes his day to day, which is pretty full considering he works a full time job on top of the voice acting work he fulfills.

4. Evan shares that audio books are a very enjoyable part of his job, because of their length and the nature of how they need to be approached. He loves working on fiction audio books because the actor has to become the characters within the book.

5. Evan also breaks down the challenges of the career. He talks about the rejection that comes along with his career, and how selling himself at the beginning was difficult until he shifted his thinking and made it a consistent habit.

6. He also explains the risk involved with perfectionism, and how it can be a real snag for some.

7. Evan talks about how to get into voice acting and whether or not a formal education is required. He also shares some insights on how to continuously improve in order to create a fulfilling and successful career our of voice acting.


“Create something”

“Do something for 5 minutes a day and do it every day”.

“You’re essentially a full service audio production service”

“there’s a lot of ways that a voice can tell a story”

“Voice Acting is the highest paid per-hour Freelance job in the world”

“If you really want to do it, then you are the only one who can make it happen”.

Links & Resources

To learn more about Evan Schmitt, you can connect with him on LinkedIn or through this website.

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