For Episode 60 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will learn about: A Day in the Life of a Chief Marketing Officer  – Barry Rabkin.

- A Day in the Life of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) - Barry Rabkin

Guest Introduction

Barry Rabkin is a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) by profession.

He took a roundabout way to find his calling, but pursued his interests until he eventually landed where he is today.

Simply put, as a CMO, it’s Barry’s job to make that his company sells more attractive to potential buyers. His career requires a very broad skill set, and has pushed him to learn a lot of useful things in order to fill a variety of demands. His job excites him, and he is a wealth of knowledge.

Barry has led the development and marketing of over 100 successful digital and physical products.  He advises and invests in many of the region’s fastest growing companies on his mission to transform Pittsburgh from the “City of Steel” to the “City of Startups”.

Episode Summary

1. Barry describes his music filled youth, growing up to discover entrepreneurship, and how the path led him to being a CMO.

2. He describes what a Chief Marketing Officer does within a company, and describes his day to day as well as what the company he works for does.

3. He explains the technology they employ to serve their clients, and what the sex appeal of the industry is that helps him sell it.

4. Barry talks about the parts of his job that he really enjoys, the technology, the software, the variety and excitement.

5. He also talks about some of the challenges that are involved with a smaller team as opposed to a massive corporation.

6. He describes the potential career paths someone could take to become a CMO, he also talks about certification and education, and the benefits of going to school.

7. He also draws parallels between psychology and marketing.


“Whatever it is that the world needs more of, you can bring it to life”

“Whatever I had fun with, I pursued passionately and with a lot of focus”

“No matter how good you are at your job, it takes a village.”

“The constant variety really keeps me excited to come in every day”

“Many paths all take you to the top of the same mountain.”

“Bad management is one of the greatest natural resources on the planet”

“If everything is your first priority, then everything is also your last priority.”

Links & Resources

To learn more about Barry Rabkin, you can visit his company website Identified Technologies and his personal page – BarryBrands.

You can also connect with him or follow him on Facebook,  Barry Rabkinand Twitter, and through his Facebook Group – Hackers & Founders Pittsburgh Chapter

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