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#70 - A Day in the Life of a Content Strategist - Kimmoy Matthews

For Episode 70 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will learn about: A Day in the Life of a Content Strategist – Kimmoy Matthews.

Guest Introduction – Kimmoy Matthews

Kimmoy Matthews is a content strategist.

She began her professional career pursuing engineering after a recommendation from one of her teachers, only to find that it wasn’t the best fit for her once she got her “dream job”.

She began looking up writing courses for a creative outlet, when she stumbled upon technical writing as a career, which then set her on the path to what she does today.

She explains what a content strategist does, what their role is, and how she goes about doing her job.

She also explains how the job can vary from company to company, and how the content may differ, but the overarching goal is the same: Clearly explain how a product or feature works.

She also explains that content strategists and content marketers are not doing the same job, and why.

Episode Summary

1. Kimmoy describes a day in a content strategist’s life, and the various tasks and jobs she would undertake.

2. She explains the process of learning a product inside and out in order to deliver the best possible explanation of how to properly use the product, and what benefits come from use.

3. She explains some of the challenges, including getting content translated into 44 languages and hoping it would make sense afterward!

4. She talks about the parts of the job she enjoys the most: the variety each day holds, the various things she gets to see and learn behind the scenes, she also enjoys being a part of a positive customer experience.

5. On the flip side, she explains that the fast paced environment and issues with translations are easily the biggest challenges she faces in different work environments.

6. Kimmoy explains the traditional career path to become a content strategist, she also explains how companies differ, and how important practice is in the field.

7. She also explains the future of the career, where it may be going, and what’s in store for people who are entering into the content strategist role.


“A part of me feels that starting college at the age of 17 was too early”

“You want to be able to have a good experience with any product you come in contact with”

“The core of it all is knowing how to talk to users”

You have to do the work you want to do, before you get the work”

“Do the work that you are interested in doing before you actually get hired, and that will build the portfolio.”

“Once you have a portfolio,that will show the recruiters and hiring managers that you have experience and are interested in that career”

“Whatever career path you are interested in, share it with the world”

Links & Resources

To learn more about Kimmoy Matthews, you can visit her website Keeping up with Kimmoy.

You can also connect with him or follow her on  Kimmoy Matthews

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