For Episode 048 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will learn about : A Day in the Life of a Human Resources Leader.

#48- A Day in the Life of a Human Resources Leader with Nick Goblirsch

Nick Goblirsch is a Human Resources Executive from South Jersey, United States. After Taking Fine Arts in College, Nick was unable to find steady work as a graphic designer, he took a position in Advertising and sales and began to build the skills and leadership required for a career in human resources.

Nick was involved in a variety of industries and his experience and ambition, paired with his thirst for knowledge brought him to his current career as an HR executive.

Episode Summary

1. Nick shares a bit of his back story, from attending college and taking a Fine Arts degree, and jumping to developing the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in Human Resources in various different industries.

2. Nick pulls back the curtain on what each level of an HR career is like. He also gives a look behind the scenes into the day to day dealings of an HR Vice President.

3. He discusses education, experience, and the balance that is required between the two in order to be successful in an HR environment.

4. Nick talks about the pros and cons of his career and how they affect his day to day, and shares a few parting insights about how to succeed in the industry. 


“I didn’t really have the right mentors or I didn’t have the right competencies to understand what leadership was, so most of my leadership positions were given to me simply because I worked harder than everyone else”

“you really need to understand the language your partners are speaking”

“When I show up at work in my position, it’s impossible for me to think of anyone else but my team”

“Every day you have to have the courage to do the things that other people don’t want to do”

“It’s so much fun being unconsciously confident, being good at something you don’t know you’re good at” 

“In order to add value you have to reinvent yourself”

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