For Episode 93 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will learn about: 

A Day in the Life of a LINUX SYSTEMS ENGINEER from our guest Orrett Morgan II.

Guest Introduction – Orrett Morgan II

Orett Morgan II is a Linux Systems Engineer. His role revolves around designing, building, configuring and troubleshooting Linux systems.

As an engineer, his job goes beyond building or designing a single box or server  and can consist of designing hundreds or even thousands of servers that are expected to operate as a single unit to achieve various functions.

Episode Summary 

1. Out of school, Orrett Mogan II wanted to be a doctor. He enjoyed medicine, but didn’t enjoy it as a profession. After a friend suggested IT, he decided to take it up and switched his major to pursue a career in IT.

2. Watching his debt climb, he decided to drop out and take a different route. Half way through paying off his accumulated debt, he was introduced to a program from Winter Park Tech, and within half a year he had found his first job, and built it into a fulfilling and enjoyable career.

3. Orrett describes the various roles available in IT, and what each level and role are responsible for within the technical realm.

4. He also shares where people can get their feet wet to see if this is the kind of job they’d enjoy, and whether or not they should pursue a certification.

5. He breaks down the process and the cost of getting certified, and what doors open up after you’ve completed certification. He also talks about the benefits of contract work.

6. He shares where his career path could go from here, and the pros and cons of moving into management within IT.

7. He also describes the time demand of some companies and roles, and why it’s important to lay your cards on the table and be up front during the interview process in order to find the best fit for you and the employer.

8. Orrett discusses some of the challenges that come with his job. Technology changes quickly and an IT professional has to be able to stay on top of it and adapt.

9. He also talks about  how important it is to know when to handle things on your own, and know when to escalate things to the next level, or ask for help.

10. Some of the perks of his job are a pretty good salary, the ability to work remotely, and the diversity of fields he can be involved in.


“When I originally started in IT, It wasn’t a passion of mine”

“There is the possibility to do whatever you want in IT

“For a person who is starting out, I would say the best thing to do is to do contract work”

“Be very careful about moving into management very early”

“In the interview process, as much as possible, try to find out what the work life balance is”

“You’ll have to know when you need to escalate an issue and when you can solve it yourself”

“I hate going into a job and just doing the same thing every day”

Links & Resources

To learn more about Orrett Morgan II, you can connect with him on LinkedIn or through this website.

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