For Episode 047 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will learn about : A Day in the Life of a Logistics Officer.

#47 - A Day in the Life of a Logistics Officer with Fred Bron

Fred Bron is a Supply Chain and Logistics Officer for the Canadian Red Cross.

He lives in New Brunswick Canada, and oversees the entire region of Atlantic Canada in his profession.

Coming from a varied background of roles, from tracking alcohol in the nightclub industry to supervising shipping and receiving teams, each piece of the puzzle fit together to prepare him for the role he fills with the Canadian Red Cross.

Episode Summary

1. Fred describes his job and explains what goes into it. He describes the tasks that he undertakes and what he handles specifically for the Canadian Red Cross. 

2. He tells a bit of a back story and describes the events that led up to his career choice. 

3. Fred gives insight into the day to day operations of his work day, week and month. He explains all of the activities and the processes that he is involved in, up to and including going to disaster scenes and making sure everything that is needed is provided. 

4. He takes the good with the bad and explains the parts of the job he truly enjoys, as well of some of the challenges that come with the role. 

5. Fred describes the process someone should undergo to get involved with logistics, including doing a self evaluation, getting an education and gaining experience.


“I’ve had quite a variety of a background and I think each piece played into the bigger role of me being where I am right now”

 “Being in the right place at the right time, asking the right things and doing the right things”

 “One person can’t do it all, so I rely heavily on a team”

 “If you have a great team around you, it’s going to make your job so much easier”

 “you really have to have a good work life balance. It can’t all be about work”

“You need to find out where your strengths are”

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