Louie La Vella is a Music and Nightlife marketer based out of Canada.

In his career, he helps to produce and market large scale events such as concerts and festivals.#35 - A Day in the Life of Music and Nightlife Marketer – Louie La Vella

Louie also works with nightclub owners on a global scale as an event consultant, as well as record labels and musicians helping them to gain exposure for their brands. With over 20 years of experience, he does it well, and has a lot of fun doing so.

Episode Summary:

1.  Louie got his start selling VIP cards and building relationships with nightclub owners and promoters before taking over his own events.

2. He gives us a look into his day to day demands, as well as talks about being the first person to interview Lady Gaga

3. Louie also talks about the sharks and ego in the music industry and how it presents a challenge in his career.

4. He tells listeners how to get started in music and nightclub marketing.

5. Louie also discusses how social media has changes the promotion and advertising game within the music industry.

6. Louie leaves listeners with encouraging words and a crucial piece of the puzzle for making it in any industry.


“You gotta take the shots. If there’s something that you want to do and you think ‘Man, this is going to be a fun career path or fun pivot’ you really have to take the shots. Open doors yourself”.

“Every day is quite different, and it’s very exciting”.

“Keep your doors open… and things could happen”.

“It’s just fun to be a part of something so big.”

“You might take some of these golden nuggets and use them to your advantage.”

“If you’re someone who is cool, easy going, and want to learn: you’re going to have some success”

“It’s a trust game and you definitely have to learn as much as you can”

“Be consistent every day. Don’t just give up after two weeks.”


To learn more about Louie La Vella visit his website. He can also be reached on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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