For Episode 92 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will learn about: 

A Day in the Life of a SENIOR TECHNICAL RECRUITER from our guest Sydnee Henning.

#92 - A Day in the Life of Senior Technical Recruiter - Sydnee Henning

Guest Introduction – Sydnee Henning

Sydnee Henning began her career as an IT professional.

Before recruiting, she got her start in technical training, business analysis and project management. She moved into sales roles as well, but always within the field of technology.

As a senior technical recruiter, she’s involved with finding the appropriate talent and skill to fulfill roles within the company. She currently works as a Senior Technical Recruiter at Amazon.

Episode Summary 

1. Sydnee describes her day to day, which consists of a lot of phones calls, emails, resume reading and seeking out very targeted expertise to bring on board in order to enrich the team.

2. Sydnee enjoys being able to play match maker and link a great person to a perfect position.

3. Some of the challenges can be how much tenacity and patience is required. Things don’t always go the way you want them to, or it takes a lot longer than expected. Being flexible and open can help, but becoming attached to an outcome can be tricky since things don’t always work out as anticipated.

4. Sydnee fills us in on what kind of patterns she’s noticed from people who do well within technical recruiting, as well as some of the entry level positions that lead in that direction.

5. Sydnee also shares what certifications are required, and some high level tips to get your foot in the door with organizations that you may want to work for. (Please refer to the Links & Resources section below for the list of suggested certifications).

6. Sydnee also shares the potential career path one can take as a Technical Recruiter.

7Sydnee gives insights on how technology has helped her within her role. She describes how she uses technology to determine everything from her market research to what roles you would fit into best as a candidate.

8. Sydnee feels technology has helped immensely in improving the process both for the recruiter, and the candidates.


“They’re searching for appropriate candidates through different mediums”

“I’ve always had a curiosity about technology.”

“I’ve always gravitated, I think naturally, toward talent and career development”

“You’re going to invest in these relationships with candidates”

“Think of yourself as life-learner and always be open”.

“I highly encourage you to network”

Links & Resources

During our interview Sydnee suggested a few certifications specifically for this role.

To learn more about Sydnee Henning, you can connect with her on  LinkedIn.

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