#40 - A Day in the Life of A Sports Agent – Rico Davis

Rico Davis is an experienced Sports Agent who was approached as a young athlete by an agent and decided to create a career on the business end of Sports.

Starting off as a runner, Rico gained experience and established himself within the industry and became a successful agent for players in the NFL and NBA.

#40 - A Day in the Life of A Sports Agent – Rico Davis

Episode Summary 

1. Rico talks about how he started off in the sports business

2. He talks about what goes into his job on the day to day. 

3. Rico talks about the parts of the job that he loves and the families that are impacted when their sons get drafted. 

4. He also speaks up on some of the challenges that he and players face in the industry. 

5. Rico talks about how to get started as an agent. 

6. He also shares a few pieces of wisdom for would-be agents as well as the athletes in the business.


“Once you build that reputation of people knowing who you are, then you start to get a little more connection, and it’s all about trust”

 “In this business and in any other business it’s all about trust”

 “To get started, you need experience. You want to work with someone who has already been in the business”

“You have to figure out: What can I do to have the advantage?”

“It’s about being active and doing your research”

“It’s important for these kids to try to walk as straight a line as possible, because what they do today is going to affect them in the future”. 

“You have to have a tough skin in this business”.


To learn more about Rico Davis visit his website Just Ask Rico. You can also connect with him on Twitter or Facebook.

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