For Episode 73 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will learn about: A Day in the Life of a Virtual Reality Company Founder- Roni Cerga.

#73 - A Day in the Life of a Virtual Reality Company Founder - Roni Cerga

Episode Summary – Roni Cerga

1. Roni Cerga went from selling photocopiers to founding a virtual reality company operating out of Toronto, Canada.

2. His interest in technology led him on an interesting career path, through a variety of great companies before deciding to branch out and start his own.

3. His experience with the start up culture that he received from a mature company helped to define his direction, and explore the possibilities of virtual reality and how it plays into the future of both technology and business.

4. Roni explains how he found himself in charge of a virtual reality company, and what fuelled his interest in this particular facet of technology.

5. He also explains the relevance to sectors like healthcare, government and education.

6. He describes what kinds of careers are available within the field of virtual reality, and explains the credentials that are available as well.

7.  He explains that fundamental jobs will always have a place within a VR company, but also jobs that have never existed before are beginning to pop up.


“You start thinking of technology more than you normally would expect to”

“Even cities and government have embraced virtual reality”

“For the first time in months, this patient was moving a part of her body that she hadn’t moved”

“You have to experience it for yourself to understand what it encompasses”

“You’re always going to need the fundamental jobs within a company”

“It’s not just that the technology is different, it’s that the way you tell a story or build the product is also very different”

“If you do something that you’re passionate about, you’re going to do very well”.

Links & Resources

To learn more about Roni Cerga, you can connect with him by EmailTwitter or LinkedIn.

You can learn more about his company VRVision, based in Toronto,Canada.

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