For Episode 65 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we kick-off the Accelerated Learning Series with a Language Learning Samantha Alvarez.

#65 - Accelerated Learning Series - Language Learning with Samantha Alvarez

Guest Introduction – Samantha Alvarez

Samantha Alvarez began her language learning adventure at the age of twelve, where she began by taking on the Spanish language.

After a period of burnout, she decided to learn Japanese and lived in Okinawa, Japan for 6 months, where she immersed herself in Japanese culture and developed a conversational hold over the language.

She moved to Taiwan after and began to learn Mandarin Chinese. Since then she has learned French, German, Italian and currently has her sights set on learning Russian.

She has had 63 different jobs to date, and now helps others who are in need of a career change or a shift in direction.

Episode Summary

1. Samantha explains the value that is gained by knowing more than one language. Even knowing a second can open the door to opportunities that would otherwise be closed off to you.

2. She explains various scenarios where another language she has learned has set her ahead of the game, or has come in handy within her life.

3. She goes into detail about how to learn a language, what works, what doesn’t and the frame of mind that tends to works best while learning a new language.

4. She also talks about what holds people back from learning, and how to get over it.

5. Samantha also focuses on the main things that lend themselves to success when it comes to learning languages, and reinforces why it’s such a worthwhile pursuit.

6. She also goes over some of the most effective ways to on-board new material, and speed up the process.

7. She also spends time introducing Emotive Style Language Learning. Get emotional about whatever you are learning to speed up the process.


“I’ve talked to people in over 100 different countries, and twice a week I will end up  speaking with someone in a language other than English…”

“I was able to get positions that I would have never been able to get without knowing another language”

“I learn languages because I find heart to heart connections with people deeply satisfying”

“After having a really solid ‘why’ the best thing you can do is get started”

“Use something that is relevant to your life that you’re emotional about”

“You have to learn enough today so that you’re still going to want to learn tomorrow.”

Links & Resources

To learn more about Samantha Alvarez, you can visit her website Sam Alvarez.

You can also connect with her or follow her on  Samantha Alvarez, Facebook or her YouTube Channel.

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