For Episode 31 of The Career Expert Series we will learn from Adrian Aguilar, who helps Millennials find meaningful work through his Career Coaching (Inspired By Adrian ) and through his Letsplore Podcast.

#31- Career Expert Series – Adrian Aguilar from Inspired by Adrian

Episode Summary

1. Adrian Aguilar shares his story on how he transitioned from working in traditional 9-5 jobs to Entrepreneurship. Today, he works as a Career Coach helping Millennials find meaningful work.

2. Adrian debunks the myth of dream jobs. Alternatively, he suggests that you should find work that makes you happy (each and everyday) . The challenge with pursuing your passion, is that one’s passions change over time, and it could potentially mislead you.

3. Meaningful work is the type of work that makes you happy and fulfilled. It’s the type of work that you do not want to escape from.

4. Self-Development is often the first & crucial step that is required before you start looking for meaningful work.

5. How to leverage social media (Facebook,LinkedIn,Reddit,etc.) to build your network, connect with influencers or even find mentors?

6. Leverage Facebook Groups to find like-minded individuals who share the same goals and vision as yourself.

7. “Get comfortable being uncomfortable”. Like anything else, in-person networking is often nerve-wracking for most people. However, the more you do it, the less stressful and challenging it becomes overtime.

8. Personal Branding is about providing value to others as much as you can; ultimately it will come back to you many-folds. Leverage social media (LinkedIn) to consistently build your personal brand.

Links and Resources

To learn more about Adrian Aguilar work visit his website. He can also be reached on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Adrian’s Letsplore Podcast can be found on Stitcher or ITunes.

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